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Wow!- That’s a giant sandwich!

Last week, my fiance and I were out shopping in Cardiff and fancied stopping for some lunch. The weather was terrible so we decided we should find somewhere that we could sit down for a bit rather than buying a sandwich on the go. I remembered a cafe/bar called Wow! on Churchill Way that I’d had lunch in before with a friend, so I suggested that. Wow! also has a take away sandwich shop next door to the bar/cafe and my fiance had been there before and said it was delicious, so it seemed like a good bet.

I really like this place. It’s really funky inside with crazy orange chairs and over the top decor. Staff are always really friendly and welcoming and it’s such a laid back place. It’s actually a gay bar by night, but doubles up as a great place for lunch very nicely.

The menu is mostly sandwiches and jacket potatoes and the filling selection is extensive! You can pretty much have anything and the price is very decent. When the food arrived the plates were huge! My potato was so packed full with filling I could barely finish it and it came with salad. My fiance’s sandwich was gigantic! He could barely bite into it. The fillings are top quality too.

I highly recommend this place for lunch. It’s funky and the food is great. It’s certainly not fine dining but it’s not pretending to be. It’s cheap and very cheerful. The Wow! sandwich shop next door is a fantastic place for a take away sandwich too (as I found out on my lunch break the other day).


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