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The Thai House- Thai food at it’s best!

I love Thai food and am often disappointed when I go out for some as many places just don’t serve food that tastes like it does in Thailand. Fortunately, Thai House in Cardiff isn’t one of those places.

I’d heard good things about the Thai House but I had also heard it was expensive so had often opted for different places, however, we decided recently that it was time to give it a try.

The restaurant is quite posh inside. Waiters take your coats as you go in and the atmosphere is sophisticated and formal. It gives you the feel that the food will be expensive. The menu is really extensive, it took us ages to choose. It wasn’t just your usual repeated with chicken, beef and fish, everything was different. There were things on the menu that I have eaten in Thailand and not ever found in a restaurant over here which was brilliant! There were also a few fusion dishes on the menu.

We eventually chose our food and it was very very good. Top quality food, The best thing was that it really wasn’t that expensive either. It certainly wasn’t cheap but it wasn’t over the top and it was worth every penny. I had a fusion duck dish which worked very well. I was very impressed.

I would definitely go back to the Thai House for the food but the atmosphere was not what I am used to. I like to feel relaxed and at ease when I go for a meal but I felt quite tense and it was so quiet, I felt I had to whisper. I think that staff were trying to create an ‘upmarket’ ambiance but to me they just seemed rather miserable which was a shame. It would have created a much better mood if they had smiled a bit. If the atmosphere matched the food, this place would be outstanding.


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