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Puccini- Transport yourself to the Mediterranean!

Last weekend, my fiance and I were invited to eat at Puccini in Roath. Chances are you haven’t found this place yet. Hidden amongst the shops on Albany Road, you would be forgiven for walking past Puccini but next time pay attention because this is a real hidden gem and somewhere you definitely need to try if you like tapas and mediterranean food.

From the outside, Puccini looks quite modest but also warm and inviting with it’s big windows and gorgeous coat stand in the window. When you get inside it has a real homely feel with quirky furniture and big comfy sofas. The decor is completely to my taste with bright colours, mis-matching furniture and lots of pictures adorning the walls. We took a seat at a small table near the front of the restaurant. On a previous visit, I sat at the back of the restaurant in a room joining the main room. I love it out the back, you are immediately transported to the mediterranean, with the tiled floor, terracotta colours and a gorgeous mural covering one of the walls. The old furniture and red paper table cloths really add to the effect for me, it feels very authentic.

The atmosphere was great when we arrived with lots of people eating and chatting and a guest pianist playing. ‘The Dr,’ as the pianist was called, was fantastic. When I heard that he was playing I wasn’t sure what to expect, I thought it might be a bit over powering when we were trying to eat and talk but it really made the evening for me. The music was the perfect volume and the music choices were in keeping with the tone of the restaurant.

Our waitress was very helpful. She showed us to our table and was happy to recommend dishes to us when we asked. She was very natural and friendly which I like. I really don’t like it when we can’t relax in a restaurant because the staff are so unnatural and stiff.  This certainly wasn’t the case here.

To start we had Saffron Mussels (recommended by the waitress) and Stuffed Pepper. Both were from the tapas menu which was extensive and varied. I have eaten tapas at Puccini before and can recommend the stuffed Jalapeno Peppers and the Whitebait with Devilled Sauce along with the mussels we had this time. Prices are reasonable at between £3.50 and £5.50 and very well presented. The mussels were an especially good deal as we had loads and they were perfectly cooked. I would also suggest you try the Zataar Bread.

For our main, I had Beef Medallions with Blue Cheese Sauce and Marinated Potatoes and my fiance had the Kofta Bruchettes. Both dishes were very nice. I asked for my beef rare and it was so I was impressed as I usually get medium rare when I ask for rare.  However, my blue cheese sauce was slightly lacking in blue cheese but this was only a minor thing in an otherwise delicious meal. The main courses are an average of about £12. The star of the meal though was the desert! I chose Baklava which was lovely but my fiance had Mediterranean Cheesecake which was like nothing I have ever tasted (unfortunately for him he was falsed to share it with me). It was made from mozzarella, semolina and golden syrup. It sounds like a strange combination but it really worked!

I would definitely suggest paying Puccini a visit. They are actually planning a renovation and I am intrigued because I love it as it is and I’m very interested in how they are going to improve the look of something that I already rate so highly.

Have a look at Puccini’s menu:


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