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The cat who got the (Krispy) Kreme!

Cardiff has gone doughnut mad! Since Krispy Kreme announced that they were opening a chain in Cardiff, the city has assented into a bizarre need for all things doughnut. Queues have been stretching for what seems like miles for free doughnuts that have been passed out by the chain over the last few weeks and the opening has caused such a stir, one man was rumoured to have started queuing during the night!

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Krispy Kreme launch on Monday night where we were treated to champagne and doughnuts in the new Krispy Kreme bar in St David’s shopping centre. It was an excellent event with unlimited supplies of doughnuts of all varieties, and we were even given more doughnuts to take away!

I have to say, whoever does the marketing for Krispy Kreme is a sheer genius. The buzz that has been created by the Cardiff chain’s opening has been immense! All this madness for doughnuts! It’s hard to believe. Ok, so they taste great and I did seriously indulge at the opening event but I was genuinely wondering how many people would actually be interested in the doughnuts when it opened. So many were given out for free in the weeks leading up to it that I would have thought everyone would have had their fill.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The queue for Krispy Kreme’s opening on Tuesday morning was crazy and the use of barriers to snake the queue was very clever as it just encouraged people to join. Twitter and Facebook have been blowing up with people obsessing over doughnuts and photos of all the hype. The VIP launch event also created quite a stir as it was very visible to shoppers who were outside begging to come in and leaving puddles of dribble where they had been standing.

So, the verdict? The doughnuts are very nice and there is a huge variety, including some limited edition Easter ones. My favourite (although I haven’t tried them all) is the lemon meringue flavour which is beautifully sticky and sickly sweet. The coffees are nice too and the bar is quite stylish although it definitely has a fast food chain feel to it.

Although very nice, I personally prefer to have my coffee and cake in somewhere a bit more quirky and independent but I’m sure Krispy Kreme will do very well in Cardiff if this week is anything to go by. They have certainly put in a lot of effort and it has paid off.

Queue for the Krispy Kreme opening (photo by Jo Maurice)


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