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Tribe Tribe- A Whole New Experience!

I love to eat out and I love to try something different. While there are lots of restaurants serving exotic cuisine, most are Asian or European and although the food can be lovely, it is likely that we will be able to make a rough guess about what a dish will taste like from reading the menu or having tasted something similar before.

Enter Tribe Tribe!

Tribe Tribe in Canton is different as it serves up delicious West African dishes which are a totally new, but very welcome experience. I have not come across a restaurant like Tribe Tribe in Cardiff before and I was so excited to try the food.

When we approached Tribe Tribe it really stood out on Cowbridge Road East as it looked very bright and stylish compared to it’s neighbouring buildings. Once inside, we immediately felt at home as the place was very inviting with it’s warm red and orange interior, comfy sofas and simple dining tables. It had a really laid back feel about it and I felt totally at ease in my casual clothes.

The thing that I loved most about Tribe Tribe (delicious food aside) is that it is run by a young couple who are so friendly and welcoming. It isn’t often that you meet the owners of a restaurant when you go for a meal and it is even more unusual leaving feeling like you have got to know them quite well.

We were welcomed by Charlie (the owner)  and shown to a seat. The menu really excited me because I had no idea what anything was, it was going to be a totally new experience. This is where Charlie came in and she was brilliant as she sat with us and talked us through the menu, letting us know what was in each stew and how hot they would be. She even said that the food could be ordered to whatever level of spice we would like which is a very thoughtful touch.

Charlie’s husband is the chef and is Nigerian so the food was very authentic and really had that home cooked feel. It was fantastic! We had Shola Fish cooked in Nigerian spices with beautiful plantain and a spicy tomato dipping sauce (Ikeja). The fish was exceptional. It was cooked to perfection- moist and tender. We also had a chicken stew which was very tasty. The sauce had a tomato base and was cooked with dried fish. Fish was a very common ingredient but there were some dishes without fish and a good selection of vegetarian dishes too. On my next visit I want to try a stew with mixed meat (beef, tripe and cow foot). It’s so nice to see things like this on the menu.

For me Tribe Tribe is perfect. It has a great menu that is totally different from anywhere else I have been in Cardiff and is very good value for money too. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed which I love as an alternative to dressing for dinner and being on your best behaviour.  You can feel totally at ease no matter what you’re wearing and you can dig in and enjoy your food and have fun. I love this place so much I have booked a table for 8 next weekend as I want all my friends to try it!


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