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The New Mulberry Street Menu- This is a Must!

Mulberry Street is located in the gorgeous and affluent Llandaff which is the perfect setting for a restaurant offering this level of fine dining. As you will probably notice, this is my second review of Mulberry Street and that is because it just keeps getting better and better and I love to shout about food this good when I find it!

I last visited Mulberry Street in January so I thought it was about time I went along to sample their new menu. I highly advise you to do the same because it is fantastic! There is a choice between the A La Carte menu and a menu of little dishes. We decided to try the little dishes as that way, we were able to sample more of the menu. The ‘little’ dishes really aren’t that little. Six between the two of us was ample and cost us less than ordering a main and a starter from the A La Carte menu.

It was very difficult to decide what we wanted as there is a healthy selection to choose from. The dishes are clearly very carefully designed for the spring and summer as they are all very light and fresh and use vegetables that are in season. My favourite dish was the Soup of the Day, White Onion and Thyme. It was absolutely gorgeous, so full of flavour. I love onion soup but it wasn’t your typical french onion style, it was very smooth and the subtle flavour of thyme with the onion was lovely. I also highly recommend the Pork Hock Terrine with Homemade piccalilli. This was very unusual and seriously moreish. The pork was so tender and the sweet piccalilli complimented it perfectly.

The food in Mulberry Street always arrives at the table like little works of art. I’m not talking about a bit of salad garnish either. The bowls and plates are various shapes and each dish can incorporate more than one bit of crockery. We chose a black pudding and lava bread salad which was so beautifully presented with the lava bread arranged around the edge, even the salad was neat! I love that so much care is taken with the presentation. It really adds to the appeal. To me the presentation of the food is really important and it makes all the difference. Our lamb dish came on a bed of puy lentils. You know you’re in for a treat when your meat is on a ‘bed’ of something. This may sound a little on the pretentious side but it’ s not at all. The prices are good, the food is great and presented beautifully which shows that the chef cares about what’s on the plate and is proud of his creations.

It is these little touches that really sets Mulberry Street apart from other restaurants. Even our haddock risotto was perfectly presented and this isn’t easy to do as risotto very often just looks like its been slopped on the plate even if you have taken great care. This risotto was presented beautifully and finished with a poached quails egg on the top. The desserts looked like they were straight out of Masterchef and were equally as delicious as the rest of the meal.

For me, a dining experience isn’t just about the food and the atmosphere at Mulberry Street on this Friday night was as exquisite as the food. It is very relaxed and friendly yet still lets you know that you are going to be served some upmarket cuisine. I think this is a very difficult balance to strike. The decor is sophisticated and stylish and the owner and staff are very welcoming. They seemed to know most of the people that came in while we were there which can only be a good sign if they keep coming back.

I love Mulberry Street and think the chef here creates some of the best food in Cardiff. It is a great place for lunch and an evening meal and they often have some very reasonable lunch deals. They also have a wheat and gluten-free menu which is a great addition and they are running some vegetarian nights with a fantastic menu. The next one is tomorrow. Have a look at the menu and get down there!


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