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Rustic charm that will make you feel right at home at the Ocho Lounge

Not wanting to miss any of the glorious sunshine (which has promptly disappeared!) we headed to Penarth on Sunday for a drink and a spot of lunch. Walking along the high street we passed Ocho Lounge which has been recommended to me by a few people so we decided to give it a go. It’s one of ‘The Lounges’ along with Fino Lounge in Whitchurch, Juno Lounge in Roath and some more around the UK.

As we stepped in it felt really homely with its gorgeous rustic wooden tables and terracotta walls. There were a couple of lovely big plants which made it feel very inviting and added a bit of colour. Ocho Lounge is divided into two sections. The front is very much like a coffee shop with a bar and gorgeous cakes on display and the back is geared more towards those who want to eat a meal. The menu is displayed on a black board in the back section which is a lovely touch and there was a really good selection of snacks and main meals on offer when we were there.

As the sun was out, we decided to head to the outside patio. I liked the general theme of the patio area which was lined with old-fashioned signs advertising various businesses and the area was enclosed with trellis decorating the walls. Each table had a flower-pot with a table number on it which doubled as an ashtray which is a quirky idea. Although the area was nice, I think it could have been improved if it had something growing up the trellises or something to give it a bit more colour as there is a lot of concrete and brick.

We ordered food after scanning the menu for sometime. The choice was good and we couldn’t decide whether to go for a light lunch like a panini or a proper meal. In the end, my fiance chose a sausage, cheddar cheese and onion marmalade panini which came with chips and I had the gammon and chicken pie. Mine came with creamed leaks, chunky chips and a delicious tarragon sauce. Ben’s panini was very good. It was hot and the filling had melted nicely but mine was especially good! The pie had a generous helping of meat and the leaks were lovely. I was very pleased with my choice!

I would definitely go back to the Ocho Lounge. The food was good and the prices are reasonable. The decor is just to my liking with its rustic theme and little quirks. Perfect for lunch.


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