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Calling Curry Loving Cardiff- Pick up your copy of Chaat!

I usually review food products but I also want to give some blog space to other food related things that come out of Cardiff. That’s why I’d like to let you know about Chaat!
Chaat! magazine is the very first of its kind: a title dedicated to curry lovers made by dedicated curry lovers. Over 60 pages, the magazine’s team of passionate, professional food, travel and lifestyle writers deliver a healthy range of spicy sagas every two months. From unique signature recipes to intrepid tales of exotic adventures across the globe, Chaat! is a full of information ideal for anyone who enjoys the spicy lifestyle.
A British Curry Club publication, Chaat!’s main aim is to inspire curry lovers to explore, embrace and celebrate their local spice houses… And where better to start than Cardiff: the very home of the British Curry Club! The inaugural issue will take a look at all things spicy in Cardiff including a selection of restaurants that are partnered with the British Curry Club.
Chaat! magazine is available for £2.50 or £9.99 for a year’s subscription.

keep your eyes on as their site will go live later this week and you can make sure you get your copy.

Chaat! can also be found for free during the next two weeks in the entrance of Culverhouse Cross Tesco superstore.
For full details on Chaat and the British Curry Club please visit


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