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Yes Please Louise- We’re all going cake pop crazy!

Last Wednesday I was extremely excited when I got home from work to find that I had a delivery of cake pops from Yes Please Louise waiting for me on my kitchen table. I can tell you they weren’t there long!

Natalie is the lady behind Yes Please Louise, a business that she has developed through her love of baking and her talent for decorating cakes. Natalie started baking cakes as a hobby but when she started posting photos on Facebook, the demand grew and she started taking orders. Yes Please Louise now make cakes for every occasion including gorgeous wedding cakes, celebration cakes, birthday cakes and a huge range of cupcakes. The designs are so quirky and fun and I can testify that they also taste fantastic. Have a look at some examples here.

The cake pops that were delivered were delicious. Somewhere between a cake and a truffle, they were dense, sugary and moist but somehow still very light. They were the perfect size and would be ideal at a party or a wedding because they are so attractive and unique.

Natalie’s love for what she does is reflected in her fantastic attention to detail. Every design is so well thought out and you can really sense Natalie has a passion for this.

“I make cakes every night when I get home from work and I’m up till very early hours most days. My weekends are also taken up with cake making…. I spend all week looking forward to the weekend… two whole days of cake making!”

Natalie plans to work with some regular week day clients so that she can give up her day job and concentrate on Yes Please Louise full-time. She dreams of one day opening her own Yes Please Louise shop. I would love to see this dream realised because Natalie is so passionate about cakes and baking and has a real talent for it.

I think Yes Please Louise cakes would be a fantastic addition to any cafe. They are so eye-catching and taste great. I can see myself sitting in a cafe with a coffee and a cake pop! There are many businesses designing and making cakes but I think that Natalie’s designs really have the wow factor. Even the branding is quirky and stylish.

If you own a cafe or coffee shop and would like to chat to Natalie about ordering her cakes, you can contact her at

Have a look at some of Natalie’s cake designs at the Yes Please Louise website-

Fabulous cake pops!

Check out the funky branding too!


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