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Eat Out Cardiff is changing… We are starting with a new name!

Eat Out Cardiff is changing! Since starting in January this year, Eat Out Cardiff has grown more than I could have imagined. What started out as a blog to review local restaurants and share deals has developed and we are now working with a variety of food based businesses from cupcake sellers to market stall holders as well as cafes and restaurants. I felt that we needed a new name to reflect this expansion as ‘Eat Out’ just doesn’t explain the range of food businesses we cover.

Drum roll please……

……..our new name is going to be…………

If you are a true foodie, you will know how important your last mouthful is. This is the best bit that you save until the end of your meal. The part that you have decided is worthy of your utmost attention. The taste that you want to linger in your mouth long your meal has finished. It represents all that was great about what you just ate.

Your last mouthful can be anything you choose but is always the best bit which is a good synergy for this blog. We are sharing with you the best food businesses in Cardiff worthy of your last mouthful.

Your Last Mouthful will take over from Eat Out Cardiff next week but you will still be able to find this blog using the old address. I will be launching a new website soon to run alongside the blog. More on that later.

Make sure you look out for the change!


One response to “Eat Out Cardiff is changing… We are starting with a new name!

  1. Kathryn May 27, 2011 at 9:42 am

    I love it, the name and the logo! Brilliant:)

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