Your Last Mouthful

Cardiff based food blog

Welcome to our new and improved blog- Your Last Mouthful!

I have really enjoyed working on Eat Out Cardiff but it is no more. As of today, we are now called Your Last Mouthful. This is really exciting for us because our new name marks the first of several developments. Eat Out Cardiff started as a blog reviewing places to eat out in our capital city, along with deals and vouchers to make the experience easier on the wallet. Since this started in January this year, it has developed considerably and we have been invited to eat in many restaurants as well as working with small businesses who sell their homemade produce online, market sellers and cafes.

Your Last Mouthful would like to continue working along these lines and we feel that the name incorporates all of the businesses we work with, it is no longer just restaurants. We will continue to review food businesses, both those that we are invited to try and those that we try ourselves. Even if a food business invites us to experience their goods, I will always write an honest review. A business will not automatically get a good review just because they invited us to eat. This is something that we take very seriously as I want Your Last Mouthful to be a source that the public can trust for an honest opinion.

What’s to come?…..

This blog, will always be the place to come for reviews of food businesses in Cardiff. For the time being I will also continue to post deals for eating out and it will continue to be the place to find Tweet and Eat competitions and exclusive deals. However, later this year, we will also be launching a website. The website will be your comprehensive guide to everything that is good about food in Cardiff. It will include an up to date list of all the best restaurants, cafes, market sellers, cakes makers, produce sellers, organisations working with food and more in our city and surrounding area. The website will also host special deals, news and competitions.


Your Last Mouthful will only promote the best food businesses in Cardiff. Businesses will only feature on our website and have access to the services we will be offering if I have been able to give them a positive review. So many websites and services claim to only promote the best but how many truly do? I want to stay true to the original Eat Out Cardiff ethos and make sure that you can fully trust our reviews.

I will continue to tell you about our future plans over the coming weeks but in the meantime, continue to read my reviews and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for competitions and exclusive deals.

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