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Your Last Mouthful reviews- How do they work?

Your Last Mouthful Blog is where I write all of my reviews about everything I eat in Cardiff. I review restaurants and cafes as well as take aways and local businesses who sell food products online and at markets and events.

Later in the year, I will be launching a website showcasing all the best food businesses in Cardiff but they will only be featured on there if I can give them a positive review on this blog.

If you love food, you will know why your last mouthful is so special. It’s the part of the meal that you save until the end because it is the bit that you want to remember and taste even when your plate has been taken away. Using this concept, at the end of my reviews, I will tell you ‘my last mouthful’ which will mean the best part of the meal or product I have tasted. I will include a spoon in either green, orange or red to highlight whether the review has been positive neutral or negative. Only businesses with a positive review will make it onto my website when it is launched. I will also have a golden spoon that I will give to exceptional experiences!

Sometimes I review products and restaurants or cafes because I have been invited along by the company. On other occasions I am reviewing products and places that I have visited or tasted without their knowledge. Either way, I will tell you this in my review. If a company gets a negative or neutral review, I will happily review them again if asked.

I hope you enjoy my reviews! If you are a food business and would like me to review you, please get in touch. If you have any suggestions of where to eat, I welcome those too.

Nikki. x

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