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Rachel’s Organic- Seriously good yogurt!

Last week, I was sent a giant box of yogurts and dairy products from Rachel’s Organic! I get very excited when I’m sent free products to try and I am already a fan of Rachel’s yogurts so that made it even more appealing.

As I said, I already like these products and buy them quite regularly but I hadn’t tried any of the ones that I received but I certainly will be putting some of them into my trolley from now on!

My favourite by far was the Coconut Greek Style Yogurt. It was absolutely delicious and I can’t believe I haven’t noticed on the shelf in Sainsbury’s before now. It is just so thick and creamy but also packed full with coconut. Not just coconut flavouring either, real coconut. I know it sounds like I’m making a bit of a fuss over a yogurt but this one is genuinely delicious.

I also enjoyed the rice puddings, particularly the toffee one. They are really creamy and so much nicer than a Muller Rice. The other yogurts were all nice too. I was excited about the Apple and Elderflower one as I love Elderflower and it was low-fat but I didn’t think you could really taste it. It was a lovely yogurt in general though. Not at all watery and thin like low-fat yogurt often can be. This is why I was already a fan.

Overall, I think Rachel’s Organic are an excellent choice for yogurt. They are little more expensive than most but you can usually find an offer on in most supermarkets. I am definitely prepared to pay a bit more for the coconut one!

Rachel’s organic are based in Wales and their products are in all major supermarkets so give them a try Cardiff folk!

My last mouthful was: Coconut Greek Style Yogurt


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