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Kasturi – The bring your own Indian Restaurant

Feeling a little worst for wear last Monday following the weekend, I felt the need to indulge in a giant curry. We immediately headed for our usual haunt and then changed our minds realising that we are supposed to be trying as many new places as we can. I looked in my copy of Chaat! magazine and found a list of places in the area. We chose Kasturi as it is relatively new and I have noticed some really good deals advertised outside when I have driven past.

There were quite a lot of people in there for a Monday night which was a good sign and staff were welcoming and showed us to our seats. The restaurant was minimal and stylish with big faux leather seats and nicely laid tables. We were immediately given a menu and asked for our drink orders. We were surprised when we tried to order beer and they didn’t serve alcohol but what we didn’t realise was that you are actually allowed to bring your own which is brilliant and a real saver for the old purse.

The menu was quite extensive and a little bit more exciting than your standard Indian restaurant. As we were feeling greedy we went for the meal deal. It seemed excessive but the 5 course deal of starter, main, rice, naan and side dish was only £9.95 and it would have cost that for a curry, naan and rice from the main menu. After some debate I was able to swap my naan for papadams because I had already ordered them which I thought was very accommodating.

The food was nice. The starters were good but nothing too unusual. My Chilli Panner was tasty and there were other things on the menu that I would still like to try. On the menu, the mains included the usual favourites but there was a ‘chef’s recommendations’ section that had some more unusual dishes. I chose a Kashmiri Masala which was a mild fruity curry. I really enjoyed it, it was very sweet which made it quite unusual and it was reminiscent of currys I’d had while in West Bengal. Ben’s Pistachino curry was also very nice. The Spinach Bhaji side dish left a little to be desired but the mushroom one was good. Our meal deal excluded sea food dishes but they looked like a better option that I will consider next time.

Overall, I really liked this place. If you’re looking for a good hearty filling curry there are so many places to go in Cardiff but I think I will come back to this one. The menu offered a few unusual choices that I’d like to come back and try and the fact that you can bring your own alcohol is a real bonus.

My last Mouthful was:Kashmiri Masala


2 responses to “Kasturi – The bring your own Indian Restaurant

  1. theMink August 9, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    where’s the address…?

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