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Cupcake Decorating Class for the Prince’s Trust.

Have you always wanted to make beautiful cupcakes? Are you as bad as me when it come to decorating them? If so, why not go along to a cake decorating class at LadyBird in aid of the Prince’s Trust? 

The class is taking place on Saturday 10th September at 10am at Ladybird Club in Cardiff. The event has been organised by The Prince’s Bounty Fundraising Team from Hugh James Solicitors in Cardiff. This team of 14 from Hugh James and Involegal are rising to the Million Makers challenge, competing against other teams across the UK to turn a small seed funding investment into a profit of at least £10,000 for The Prince’s Trust.

Each team member is giving up their own time to raise funds to support the Princes Trust and the work they do with young people across the UK. Celebrating it’s 35th anniversary this year, the charity has helped more than 650,000 young people overcome challenges such as abuse, depression, addiction and homelessness, with more than three in four moving into work, education or training.

‘The Prince’s Bounty’ team has lots of projects planned over the next six months, from cupcake decorating classes to spa treatments, running the Cardiff half marathon and charity cinema screenings. This culminates in a larger scale masterclass for business professionals in the South Wales area featuring presentations and Q&A sessions with entrepreneurs, Welsh success stories and ambassadors from The Prince’s Trust.


3 responses to “Cupcake Decorating Class for the Prince’s Trust.

  1. telerijj (@telerijj) September 12, 2011 at 10:47 am

    I went to the Cupcake Decorating Class on Saturday and it was a very enjoyable experience. I’m confident with my baking skills but I’m hopeless with decorating cupcakes. I’ve got the creative eye & imagination to come up with wacky cakes designs but it’s the technical side of mixing up your butter icing and colouring it I get wrong. I always land up with runny and lumpy butter icing. Hence why I decided to go to the Cupcake Decorating lesson.

    Andrea from Angel’s Cake was a fantastic teacher and went through everything from how to prepare your butter icing, tips on colouring your butter icing, flavour your butter icing, demonstrated what each nozzle does, how to prepare your icing bag and how to achieve the rose flower and ‘Mr Whippy’ effect on your cupcake. Plus, we had a group discussion about cupcake recipes and other ingredients you can add to your butter icing like smooth peanut butter, chocolate spread and soft cheese. I also asked her for advice on how to store your cupcakes after decorating to avoid the butter icing ‘melting’.

    We got to practice our piping on plastic muffins before we were given real muffins to decorate. I learnt a very important lesson during this class – if you mess up the decorating on your muffin, so worries, just scoop it off and put it back into your piping bag. Andrea gave us an array of items to decorate our cakes – white chocolate stars, mini marshmallows, edible gold and silver balls, glitter, chocolate curls, chocolate hearts, mini smarties and plenty of colours to choose from. Even bright lime green colouring! We were spoilt for choice. The only thing that stopped the class that day was our imagination. Mine was going crazy.

    We finished off the class with cups of tea, trying to wash the food colouring off our hands (red & blue is very hard to wash off) and licking the butter icing off our fingers.

    Well done Sally & Jo for arranging this cupcake decorating class / fundraiser. They managed to raise £500 from the event, probably from the raffle as everyone wanted the voucher for afternoon tea at Waterloo Gardens.

    So as it’s National Cupcake Week, I’ll be heading to Kitchen’s on High St to get myself some piping bags and nozzles and try out my new piping skills on a batch of cupcakes for a friend’s 40th birthday. Wish me luck!

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