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Zalicious Cakes- Cakes fit for a Princess


To kick off Cupcake week, I am going to start with a review of Zalicious Cakes!

I was lucky enough to receive a great big box of Zalicious Cakes’ finest in preparation for this week. They were certainly beautiful little creations. I think they would appeal very much to ‘girly’ girls who love a bit of sparkle as they were adorned in icing flowers and fairy dust. Looking at Zalicious Cakes’ website though, you can see that Zalekha can make a huge range of designs. Zalekha is very versatile and says that she designs her cakes with the recipient in mind so they are  personalised and individual.

The cakes were a good size with a large helping of icing. In fact they were about half cake, half icing. The icing was quite heavy so you wouldn’t be able to eat too many of these but I guess you’re only intended to have one at a time! If you like a lot of icing on your cake, these will be just right.

My favourite was the vanilla and champagne butter cream. It was decorated beautifully with little handmade flowers and the icing had a very subtle champagne flavour. The cake was vanilla which went well with the champagne as I think anything else would have clashed with the icing. I also liked the lemon buttercream. Again it looked the part with little yellow flowers and even an icing bee! Very cute.

Overall, the cakes were well made. Most were vanilla cake with a flavoured icing. Although it can be nice to have something other than vanilla sponge, Zalekha’s icing is heavy and sweet and I think that a  flavoured base might be too much and take away from the icing.

The best thing about Zalicious Cakes are the effort that has gone into the decorating. They really look lovely and I like that they are catered to the individual ordering them. Decoration is clearly the focus here as although they taste good, they are not the best I’ve had lately. Decoration cannot be faulted however. Cakes are £2.50 each or cheaper per cake when bought as a box.

If you’d like to try Zalicious Cakes you can order via the website:

My last mouthful was: The vanilla sponge with champagne buttercream



Quality of product-

Variety of products-

Value for money- 

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