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The Cake House- Simple, beautiful cakes that taste as good as they look



Last week, I went to visit Sarah Williams and Mariclare Carey-Jones of The Cakehouse to sample their cakes and hear about their plans to set up a cupcakery and bakehouse in Cardiff.

The Cakehouse currently operate online taking orders from the public and for events and functions such as weddings. While this is going well, it has always been their dream to open a cupcakery and bakehouse so they have decided to go for it and are currently looking for premises.

Hearing about the girl’s plans was so inspiring and their enthusiasm for their business was seriously contagious! They are clearly very passionate about baking and what they do. I left wanting to do some baking myself immediately!

On the hunt for a good location, Sarah and Mariclare fancy somewhere out of the main town centre where they can set up a cake shop in a community setting that people go to for a nice relaxing time. They want customers to feel at ease and take their time over their tea and cakes rather than running in a grabbing something while on their lunch break or on a busy shopping trip.

The Cakehouse is going to serve afternoon tea and will have all the essential items to make this authentic such as vintage cake stands, teapots and little china cups. The girls are going for a real vintage feel that is both pretty and homely.

I have no doubt at all that they will achieve the homely feel. Sarah and Mariclare are both so friendly and bubbly and as their passion clearly shows, they will have no trouble convincing the customers what a lovely place it is to be and the gorgeous cakes will speak for themselves!

All Cakehouse cakes are made with natural flavourings and local produce. They really have that ‘homemade’ taste and Sarah told me that from the start their aim has always been to make an alternative to the artificial, overly sweet cakes you can buy in the supermarket. Sarah’s basic cake recipe is one that has actually been handed down by her Grandmother and you can’t get more homemade than that!

When the Cakehouse opens, everything will be baked on the premises including bread for sandwiches and jams and preserves. There will be 6 signature cakes and ‘specials’ that will also feature each month. I sampled three of the six signature cakes and I was very impressed! Prices are not confirmed but will most likely be around £2 for a signature cake and slightly more for a special cake or a charity cake which will include a donation.

Lemon and Poppy Seed

Lemon cake is one of my favourites and I very much enjoyed this version with poppy seeds running through the sponge and the icing. The poppy seeds gave it a lovely texture and I enjoyed the way they popped. The lemon flavour was zesty and subtle and the sponge was lovely and moist.

Raspberry Ripple

This one was my favourite! Topped with a piece of coconut ice, this cake was fresh, tangy and sweet with fresh raspberries running through the sponge keeping it beautifully moist. The sweet icing complimented the tangy cake. Yum!

Coffee and Walnut

I chose this cake because I am often left disappointed with coffee flavoured things. I often find them to be too weak and I thought that trying the coffee and walnut cake would be a good test. I’m happy to say that this cake impressed! The coffee flavour was really strong and it went very well with the walnuts which were in the sponge and used to decorate the icing. The walnuts in the sponge gave a lovely crunch, I couldn’t fault this one.

All the cakes looked lovely and were packaged nicely in a simple white box. In fact, simple is probably the word I would use to describe the overall look of the cakes. There is no pretension here, just simple, beautiful looking cakes each topped with something small to decorate and just the right amount of icing so they are in no way sickly or heavy or gimmicky. Simple beautiful cakes that taste as good as they look! Perfect for afternoon tea.

Sarah and Mariclare also gave me a raspberry sponge to try. It was what they called a ‘sharing cake’ and will be available in their cupcakery. It was the perfect size to share and I think it will be a popular addition with customers.

I am genuinely excited about the opening of The Cakehouse and will definitely being partaking in a spot of afternoon tea! I really think that with The Cakehouse, it is going to be all about the experience. From speaking to Sarah and Mariclare I have no doubt you will be able to expect friendly service in a beautiful setting with delicious cakes. The full package! Here’s hoping I’ve got it right.

If you’d like to order some cakes, please see The Cakehouse website. Also look out for the Cakehouse van during cupcake week! The girls will be out and about selling their cakes so make sure you give them a try! Have a look at their website to find out times and locations.

My last mouthful was: Raspberry Ripple Cupcake



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2 responses to “The Cake House- Simple, beautiful cakes that taste as good as they look

  1. A Jones September 14, 2011 at 11:03 am

    I hope they end up somewhere local to us, we always loose out to Penarth!

  2. Sarah September 14, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    Hello! Where would you like us to be instead? We’re looking all over 🙂
    Sarah @ The Cakehouse

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