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Deb’s Welsh Cakes- Take a bite of Wales

Before moving to Wales, a Welsh cake had never passed my lips but I can safely say that ten years on and Welsh cakes are one of my firm favourites. My family all love them too now and I do my best to take a pack back every time I cross the border. Over the years, my Dad has become quite the Welsh cake connoisseur and it was such a shame that he came to visit a few days before I received a delivery of Welsh cakes from Deb at Saladin House Family Foods because he would have loved them!

They arrived when I was at work but it wasn’t a problem because they fit through the letter box and were packed well so they were still in perfect condition when I came to open them despite the huge drop onto a wooden floor.

Deb obviously has a creative eye because the Welsh cakes were packaged beautifully in little gingham patterned paper parcels and tied with a red ribbon. They even had little stickers sealing the parcels stating that they were homemade and some contact details.

Sitting down to a cuppa and a Welsh cake, the kettle hadn’t even boiled before we had devoured our first one. Fresh, sweet and buttery, they had the lovely home-made taste that the ones you buy packaged in a shop just don’t have. They were dense with a slight crumbly texture and were sink-your-teeth-in soft. Just how I like them! I like my Welsh cakes to be really buttery and these were, as well as beautifully sweet. Deb had dusted sugar on the outside too which gave them a crunchy texture which I very much enjoyed.

You can buy Deb’s Welsh cakes online for £12.99 for 24 small ones or 18 large ones. You can also have them without fruit and you can even buy heart-shaped ones! I had a heart-shaped mini Welsh cake in each pack which was really lovely.

Although these are more expensive than a pack you can buy from the supermarket, they are 100% nicer and come so beautifully packaged that they would make a lovely present for someone.

All in all a top quality Welsh cake!

May Last Mouthful was: A Welsh cake of course!



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2 responses to “Deb’s Welsh Cakes- Take a bite of Wales

  1. Peter O'Sullivan February 8, 2013 at 10:21 pm

    Are you able to supply 100 small Heart Shaped Welsh Cakes
    For delivery to Hampshire
    By next Wednesday 13th February
    If yes at what cost
    Thank you
    Peter O’Sullivan
    Sent from my iPhone

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