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Phoenix Restaurant- Very average

Last week, Ben and I went to the Phoenix Chinese Restaurant on Crwys Road for a meal. We had a Groupon voucher each entitling us to £20 worth of food for £8 and it seemed like a really good deal, especially as the picture on the voucher was of some baskets of Dim Sum.

Next time, I will do my research. While there was nothing wrong with where we ended up, it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Judging by the picture, I was expecting something along the lines of Ba Orient with baskets of Dim Sum and I was hoping for something a bit different. In reality, we were standing in an average chinese restaurant which I had in fact bought a take away from before, I just didn’t recognise the name.

We were seated in the ample sized restaurant and were the only people there apart from one other table of three chatting about whether they had ever been unfaithful to their partners. We could hear everything they were saying and it wasn’t that we were listening intently or that they were particularly loud, it was just so quiet in there.

We were given menus by the polite but timid host and gave our order. The food wasn’t what I was expecting as I have said. It was pretty much your average chinese menu but it also had Thai and Malaysian dishes although again, these were nothing out of the ordinary. We also noticed that they were quite pricey for such ordinary dishes at on average £8 for a main dish which didn’t include rice.

To start, we ordered Mongolian ribs and chicken and prawn parcels as these were the most unusual things on the menu. The Mongolian ribs were actually very tasty. The sauce was lovely and the ribs were meaty and well cooked. The parcels were ok too.

For our main, we chose Szechuan duck and a Thai pork dish in coconut milk and basil. Both were very edible but nothing extraordinary. I would compare them to something I would expect from a take away and for the price, I hoped for more. The rice with shredded chicken was £5 and it was basically steamed rice with a few pieces of chicken in it which was quite disappointing.

The restaurant itself was very basic which is fine but it looked cheap with paper table cloths and paper napkins arranged in glasses. It could have done with a lick of paint too. The pink walls had stains on them from messy diners and a dirty line the length of one wall which looked like it had been made by some furniture that has since been moved.

This isn’t a bad place by any means but it had the feel of somewhere you would go for a cheap meal. For the price (if we had paid full price) you can get more for your money.

My Last Mouthful was: Mongolian Ribs


Atmosphere and Decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

Value for money-

Overall rating-


4 responses to “Phoenix Restaurant- Very average

  1. telerijj October 5, 2011 at 10:47 am

    I agree with you there – the offers from Groupon and Living Social sound too good to be true sometimes and it’s easy enough to get fooled and buy the vouchers. They (Groupon & Living Social) don’t use a photo that represents the restaurant, so it’s poor marketing. Either the restaurant can’t supply a decent photo or pinch an image from the internet. Classic example was the image used for the Pen & Wig offer the other day – it certainly did not represent the pub at all!

    If I see a tempting offer on Groupon/Living Social, I tend to do the research in the menu and restaurant reviews (if there are any) first before buying the voucher. The best experience I have had so far was with Bangkok Cafe and Tribe Tribe. I also had a voucher for Mowgli’s and the food was great there but I had a nightmare trying to book a table when I wanted to go. I mean, who wants to have a curry on a Monday night?

    Also, you’ll find that the restaurants have already got similar and/or better deals on websites like vouchercloud where you simply print off/show the voucher on your smart phone instead of buying up front.

  2. Chaya Delfin November 11, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    Completely understand what your stance on this matter. Though I might disagree on a number of the finer details, I think you probably did an awesome job explaining it. Sure beats having to analysis it on my own. Thanks. Anyway, in my language, there arent a lot good supply like this.

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