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Y Mochyn Du- So much potential but didn’t deliver on this occasion

Sunday afternoon, I had a real hankering for a roast dinner. Having left it too late to cook one we headed out to hunt one down in a local pub. Unfortunately, we were a bit late and everywhere we tried had stopped serving or run out! Withered and hungry, we trudged down Cathedral Road only to find no joy. Our last tiny beacon of hope was Y Mochyn Du so in we went.

Sunday roasts had run out but broken and beaten, we decided to stay anyway and order something else. I chose lamb shank in minted gravy with mash potato and peas as this was the closest thing to a roast dinner on the menu. Ben had fish cakes.

I like Y Mochyn Du, it’s a nice location and I often end up in there for a drink if I’m down that way. The recent refurb means there is a nice modern section as well as the more traditional area and although the outside seating area doesn’t get much sun, it’s still a nice place to sit.

We took a seat in the new part and ordered our drinks and food at the bar. I don’t usually mind waiting for my food as it’s pleasant enough sitting having a drink but on this occasion as I was so hungry, I did notice that the food took quite a while to arrive, especially as the pub was fairly quiet.

When it did arrive, we were a little disappointed. My dish was devoid of colour with a rather grey looking lamb shank placed on the mash with grey peas. The peas I’m sure were tinned which I wasn’t happy about. How hard is it to boil some peas? It would have made the dish far more attractive and tasty. The lamb gravy was very nice though and the lamb tasted fine but not brilliant.

Ben’s fish cakes were another story. They came with giant potato wedges and salad and when he cut into the fish cake, it was basically just potato with a splattering of pink. I would estimate that in his fair-sized cake, there was about a t-spoon of salmon, so small in comparison to the wealth of potato that you couldn’t even taste it. Basically, he just had a plate of potato served with potato. Not good!

Nothing was inedible , it was mostly ‘fine’ so not worthy of a red spoon overall but the fish (cough…cough…potato) cakes would have been a red spoon alone. It’s a shame because the Mochyn Du is a nice independent pub and it could be so much better if they worked on their menu more. I definitely will be back to Y Mochyn Du, it’s a great pub but my reviews are based predominantly on the food and in this instance, it wasn’t up to standard. Y Mochyn Du was voted one of the top 25 pubs in Britain in 2008 so it shows what it can achieve.

My Last Mouthful was: The minted gravy


Atmosphere and decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

Value for money-

Overall rating-

2 responses to “Y Mochyn Du- So much potential but didn’t deliver on this occasion

  1. Aled November 11, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Shame. I like Y Mochyn Du. Maybe it was because they’d just done a load of Sunday roasts (no excuse for bad food, obviously, but a possible reason) so the rest of the meals take a bit of a back seat?
    Last time I had food there we tried the tapas-style stuff, which was nice. B-)

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