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Pier 64 – Lonely dining a thing of the past?

At the end of October, Pier 64, in Penarth Marina launched Wales’ first al a carte communal table, and guess who went along?

Communal dining is something that has proved to be very popular in America amongst business people away from home and single diners alike who just love good company and good food. This concept has also been explored in the UK but this is Wales’ first so how did it fair?

Personally, I think it is a brilliant concept. I used to work away from home a lot in a previous job and dining alone was something that scared the life out of me back then! I love to eat but venturing down to a restaurant alone wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed. If I knew that there were other lonely diners in the same boat as me, I would have felt much better and would have been inclined to join them at a communal table.

I arrived at Pier 64 and was introduced to the other seven people who would be dining at the communal table. Conversation and wine flowed and we all got to know each other while tucking into a three course meal of duck parfait, fillet steak and banoffee pie. The food was delicious and I soon found myself feeling at ease with the people I was dining with. There was a good mix of people from all age groups and walks of life. We played some ice breaker games to help us relax but I was surprised by how easy it was to get on with everyone.

On this occasion, the communal table was a success! It is now going to be available for booking every Tuesday night. If you are a lone diner, you can book yourself a place and turn up and see who else has done the same. I really hope this is a success because it is a great idea. It has been shown to work in cities where there is a high percentage of business people staying overnight but how will it go down in Penarth Marina?

This launch wasn’t a typical night as there is no guarantee on a normal night that 7 people will turn up and ice breaker games will probably not grace the table. It is quite a long way to go for a meal if you’re in Cardiff on business when there are a wealth of places to choose from in the city centre but it will hopefully appeal to locals who love to dine out but have no-one to share the experience with. Afterall, with such a lovely location, it’s surely worth a go?

If you want to book onto the communal table, it will be available every Tuesday evening from 7pm. Please call Pier 64 on 02920 000064 to book your place.



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