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Red Hot World Buffet Launch

Recently, Cardiff saw the opening of the new Red Hot World Buffet. The 16,000 sq foot, two-storey restaurant, in St David’s Shopping Centre is located on Hill Street in an external unit opposite Debenhams. It is one of the chain’s largest in the UK, serving 375 covers at any one time.

I was invited along to the launch along with a whole host of other people and it made for quite a spectacular event. Street performers made a show outside attracting many onlookers and once we were inside, the merriment continued with dancing singing and musicians.

Photo by Mike Hall Photography

The restaurant is nicely designed with a huge dining area and a separate buffet area and serves cuisines from around the world,  including Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Tex Mex, Cajun, Thai, Mediterranean and British.

After some speeches we were all invited to eat at the same time. I was picturing absolute chaos but even with a full house, it was easy to get around the buffet. It is spaced out very nicely with a separate section for each country’s cuisine and there is ample room to squeeze past people.

So how will this go down in Cardiff?

I think that for families and large groups this will be very popular. The price is right and there is something for everyone. I think children will find it immensely exciting. The inner child in me certainly piped up when I saw the desert station with all the colourful ice-cream and sweets!

Photo by Mike Hall Photography

I think for other’s they might find the range of food on offer a bit daunting. There certainly is an art to it. With so much choice, I found it better to stick to a few cuisines at a time. Sushi and cottage pie was not a good flavour combination but I learnt my lesson by my second plate.

I’ll look forward to trying the Red Hot World Buffet on a normal night.


2 responses to “Red Hot World Buffet Launch

  1. craig temple November 17, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Well gotta say I tried it after seeing the articles on the opening and what a disaster it was, ignorant staff, even one swearing about another customer, £2.65 for a pre mix coke ? please lol food wasn’t separate at all as chiense ‘appeared’ in the middle of the indian food, serving utensils were dirty, meat was tough, even chicken in the korma was tough which is a near on impossibility, the sauces were watery especially on the korma and the thai green curry, the sauce for the green curry was more like cup a soup, i really love my spicy food but left half the plate and definately didn’t bother going up for seconds. By the way the crab claw actually contained a piece of crab shell so if you value your teeth stay away from it, was hoping the deserts would bring things up but very very bland and tasteless, didn’t even get a thank you and goodbye on the way out as the guy nr the door was too busy slouching against a chair. If you complain on their facebook page, they tell you to email customer service and never bother responding, not as fancy on the decor but peachy keeens in newport is far far better especially service wise. Not surprising on the opening night the best impression was given as thats how it goes, but after that anyone going is just cattle.

    • Nikki- Your Last Mouthful November 17, 2011 at 11:20 am

      Wow! That is quite an experience! I’m really sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience so close to the opening! An opening event doesn’t reflect a normal night so as I said in the post, I would be interested to try it on a regular night. Sounds like I might get a shock!

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