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Sugar Pop Cakes- Perfect for Christmas!

Keen baker Sian Barker, launched Sugar Pop Cakes in September this year. After a an introduction on twitter, Sian sent me some samples. These included my first Christmas themed cakes of the year!

Sian has always loved cooking but baking is her real passion. After spending time baking for family and friends and enjoying it, Sian started a cake decorating course where she picked up some helpful tips.

As people started to pay for her creations, Sian realised that this was something she could make some extra money from and with a little help from her family, sugar pop cakes was born!

Sian has a steady flow of work which has been generated by word of mouth and she is even providing small cakes for pasta pot in Cardiff. Sian would love to do this full-time and it seems as though she might be on track. Having only launched in September this year, she is dong well and her professional looking website certainly caught my eye.

So now to the cakes…

Sian gave me four cakes, nicely presented in little white boxes with a gift tag bearing the sugar pop cakes logo and detailing the flavour. At £1.50 per cake, I was impressed. The cakes were a good size but not too large.

My little hoard of cakes included the flavours chocolate and strawberry and cream. I had one each of the normal designs and one of each flavour in a Christmas edition which were adorable!

The chocolate cake original design was simply decorated with chocolate icing and topped with little round chocolate sweets. I thought that they were going to be Maltesers so i was waiting for the crunch but when I bit into them, they were toffee which was soft like the cake and worked better than Maltesers would have. There was also a sprinkling of honeycomb which added colour and texture.

The chocolate Christmas cupcake was decorated as a cute rain deer with chocolate antlers and a sugar icing face. This would definitely appeal to children.

The strawberry and cream cakes were my favourite. The original one was decorated with a    Cream coloured icing with pink fleck running through it with a little icing strawberry on top. The cake was filled with a strawberry jam which was really nice and kept the cake moist. The christmas cupcake was iced and topped with a sugar icing Santa which was very lovely. He looked so friendly I almost didn’t want to eat him (almost!)

Have a look at the sugar pop cakes website and see what you think.

My last mouthful was: Strawberry and Cream cupcake



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