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The Cornerhouse- A very welcome addition to the Cardiff city centre gastro scene.

Review by Mr V

A new restaurant opening and giving out free main courses, was an opportunity I wouldn’t want to miss out on. We arrived at the Corner house, dashing in from out of the rain, the homely cosy décor instantly appealed. The bar area is at ground level and is clean looking and rustic, with a brightly lit bar, nice lighting and a mixture of furniture with cushions scattered around on chairs.

We wandered over to the restaurant entrance and were greeted by a friendly waiter. He took us upstairs to find our seats but sadly was surprised to find no tables free despite us booking. Nevertheless, the went back downstairs and were politely asked to wait 10 minutes for a table to become free and were kindly offered free desserts to compensate.

Table free, we moved back up to the restaurant. The theme of the décor continued; rustic and industrial with wooden chairs, pressed metal tables and driftwood-esq wall hangings. Nicely lit, an orchid and candle on the table to balance the robust setting, with the kitchen in view – music a bit too loud for my liking – but overall very pleasant.

For starters I ordered the chermoula and fennel crusted squid with a rocket, pineapple and spring onion salsa. Very fresh and tasty, sweet with a hint of spice and nicely cooked squid – a good gentle start to any 3 course meal. My partner Mrs V went for the Moroccan lamb koftas served with fattoush salad and tzatziki. Another good choice with pitta croutons in the salad and a good tzatziki.

For the mains, although the menu had a good choice, we both opted for the 2 specials offered.  I ordered the sea bass fillets served on sautéed potatoes, lardons, and a Pernod beurre blanc sauce. The fish (couple of bones aside) was well cooked, but overall it lacked a little in taste; perhaps because there was not nearly enough sauce on the plate, but then as it’s the opening night I’m sure adjustments to the dishes are still to be made.

The other main was wild boar served with potato and apple mash, game chips, black pudding and a red wine jus. This was very nice – the boar was good and pink and the potato and apple mash, although a little dry, was an excellent accompaniment. The apple gave a very pleasant lightness to a fairly heavy dish. I like a meal to be a meal and the one thing which seems to occur more and more in restaurants these days is that the potatoes – or in this case – the vegetables have to be ordered separately. Suggested by the hard working waiter, we both shared a bowl of greens – cabbage, leeks and peas which were actually very nice indeed, crunchy and buttery – almost stole the show! Bnd at these prices they should most definitely be included. Presentation on the both, however, were very good.

Now for our complimentary desserts. Mrs V went for the white chocolate brulee – very pleasant with a subtle, perhaps too subtle, white chocolate flavour. I went for the chocolate brownie, which was how it should be – chocolaty, soft and sticky. The ice cream was very nice with a little bit of sugary crunch.

For the pricing, I think that, although a good range – meals from £9.95 to £17.95 (minus the veg…), it is over priced. Our mains were £16.95 which is ok but when you add £2.95 for a few greens it makes it almost £20. And for £20, good as it was, I would expect a higher standard of food.

Overall I think that the Corner House will do very well. Situated in the heart of town, great décor and ambience, a good selection on the menu, excellent waiting staff and – a few of my niggles aside – good food. It’s this type of restaurant serving good British food that’s a little scarce in the city centre and so it’s a very welcome sight.

My Last Mouthful was: potato and apple mash with black pudding


Atmosphere and decor-

Diversity of menu-

Quality of food-

Value for money-

Overall rating-


One response to “The Cornerhouse- A very welcome addition to the Cardiff city centre gastro scene.

  1. Simon December 16, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the need to buy as ‘extras’ vegetables and potato dishes ! I thought they might have learned this lesson from The Old Cottage – and it does indeed make this venue totally overpriced for what it is – and they do need to look at this policy !

    I ate there this week – which I shall be writing about over the weekend, but good review here.

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