Your Last Mouthful

Cardiff based food blog is officially launching!

I have an announcement to make……………. is officially launching on February 7th 2012!!!

Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I have been planning to launch the website for sometime now and the time is finally here so I am very excited!

Continuing along the same vein as the blog, I am still going to review food businesses in Cardiff and give them a spoon rating. You will be able to read all of the reviews but those who receive a green spoon overall will be included in a special ‘green spoon’ directory. This will be your one stop shop for finding the best eating establishments and products.

The website will also have a regular ‘Deal of the week’ which will be exclusive to, regular competitions and you will be able to read about news and events.

To celebrate the launch, there will be a launch party at The Parkhouse Club! Later this week I will be giving away tickets to Cardiff foodies so watch this space!

Thanks everyone for your support and I hope you continue to follow me and read my posts.

Nikki. x

One response to “ is officially launching!

  1. aledwynne February 1, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Excellent stuff! Well done!

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