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A new tapas menu for The Promised Land

The Promised Land is a popular after work drinking spot and it’s always busy and buzzing. I’ve eaten there on a few occasions and had a lovely meal but it can get quite busy and a bit lively for a sit down meal some evenings so when I heard about the Promised Land’s new tapas menu, it seemed like the perfect solution. Along with a small group of people, I was invited along to a preview night to taste some of the dishes and give our opinions.

Promised Land owner Nick, explained that when people meet up with friends for a drink, they don’t always want a big sit down meal and something to pick at is often more appropriate with a nice bottle of wine. Lots of places in Cardiff offer tapas but the Promised Land have arrived at an excellent price for theirs at just £7.50 for 3 dishes and they were keen to stress that they are not compromising on quality either. Much of the produce is sourced from Nick’s other business Deli A Go Go and they are striving for quality as well as value for money.

The dishes arrived in stages and we all tucked in. We started with Tomato Bruschetta, Patatas Bravas and Spanish Baked Prawns. The potatas Bravas were very nice in a paprika and tomato sauce and the prawns were deliciously juicy, cooked just right with a subtle flavour of sherry and chilli.

Tomato Bruschetta, Patatas Bravas and Spanish Baked Prawns

Next on the agenda was the Chicken Croquettes, red wine soaked chorizo and bacon wrapped stuffed dates. The dates were delicious with a generous helping of almond which gave them a nice bite against the soft cheese and bacon. One of my favourites.

Staff introducing the dishes got rather excited about the Chicken Croquettes and built them up to be something quite spectacular. Whilst tasty, they didn’t really do it for me and probably wouldn’t be something I would go out of my way to order, although they were perfectly nice.

However, the show stopper was the Chorizo in Red Wine. Such a simple dish turned out to be absolutely delicious and is definitely something I will be trying to recreate at home and ordering on my next visit.

The dishes continued to arrive and all were very nice. The Cinnamon Chicken skewers stood out for me too as it was quite an unusual flavour to use but very effective. The chicken was cooked well, in fact everything was cooked very well. Tapas dishes like these can sometimes be dry and slightly over cooked but these were as they should be.

Cinnamon Chicken Skewers

Overall we had a very enjoyable experience and as we visited for a preview evening, these dishes will be perfected again before being released on the public so I am sure everything will be just right. I think this will be a very successful venture and certainly one I will be taking advantage off.

The Promised Land’s tapas menu is available now so make sure you order yourself and nice bottle of wine and try out some of these.

My last mouthful was: The Red Wine Soaked Chorizo.

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The Promised Land is a green spoon business and featured in our green spoon directory. Please click here to see their page.


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