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For the love of pie! Guest post by Natalie Clements

To kick off Pie Week, I decided to start with a guest post from a pie enthusiast to get you in the mood! This post has been written by Natalie Clements and you can chat to her about your love of pie on twitter- @natclementsuk

Post by Natalie Clements

I was first introduced to the wonders of Pie through these ambassadors of Pie, Weeble and Bob, here they lay down the fundamental of pie. 

And since then I have lived by this.
mmm pie.
A few years later I caught wind of a national Pie Day in America and I thought to myself, and expressed to my online buddies, that there should be an International Pie Day for all to enjoy the pleasures of Pie. I celebrated that day anyway by eating some pie, chicken.
But now I hear that here in Britain we do in fact celebrate Pie, but not just in a day, in a whole week! A whole week to eat Pie in a celebratory manner! Thats fantastic!!
However I expressed this to my boyfriend and he said to me quite simply, but you don’t like the peas. Put into context, he often buys chicken pie with peas inside it and watches me as I pick them out and savour the remainder of the pie. And I do savour it.
I said to him, but there’s so much more than just chicken pie with peas inside! He could have bought me chicken pie with mushrooms instead, that I like very much.
But still there’s so much more, and for those who are unknowingly unaware of the multitude of pie that is available, despite eating and purchasing them and not thinking that they are in the same name group, here is my list of some types of Pie.
There is of course your main meal Pie, these are served hot, with mash potato or chips and lots of gravy, or no gravy if you don’t like gravy. Some would rather plump for a steak and ale pie, it’s very popular, though it’s not as good as chicken in my palette. There are many many more flavours, at one point there was a pub in Cardiff offering main meals only in the form of pie, the Goat Major . Theres plenty more places, however in Cardiff this was the pub to be in for Pie.
Cherry Pie has a song of its own because its sweet and sticky, Warrant apparently dislike that song very much as it was expressed by the Label that they should have a song like this at the time to act as the ‘Anthem’ tune because everyone else had one, or something along those lines. Don’t quote me on that, it’s just something I heard.
Apple Pie has apples in it, sometimes though, people make it with too much pastry and not enough apple, this saddens me. But when its done right its well yum. 
I once worked as a waitress and served a lot of apple pie, I always thought it was quite greedy of customers to request, when asked if they wanted custard or cream, to have half and half. I was probably bitter over having to effectively extend my pie preparation time by having to make both custard AND pour cream. However, as a pie consumer, it is totally understandable to want both because both work. Though I do worry over the cream side getting cold quicker and feel pressured to eat that side first, I don’t believe in mixing up the custard and cream, its just wrong. But that’s just me.
Pie in Maths is a number I don’t quite understand, it means something, but I was never very good at maths. It has a symbol too…
Pork Pie, nom nom nom. I like the traditional ones and the ones with black pepper. Sometimes if they’ve been in your lunch box all day though the cheaper ones go a bit soggy, but I don’t mind that, after a long days work, pork pie is always good. 
There were birds in a pie once, according to a nursery rhyme. I don’t recommend that at all. At some point the birds will inevitably fly out and scare you lots. Or you’ll cook the pie and commit yourself to eating feathers and beak and choke. Not good at all. Unless its a properly prepared chicken pie with no wings or beak.
Some pies don’t have lids. Theres less pastry but still ample pieness so it’s allowed
Meringue pie is hard to make but very tasty and looks like fluffy cloud on a pie base with tufts and shadows as if the suns behind it. It’s a very pretty pie.
Pie charts are generally boring, however people have made them fun as well as educational
Pacman looks like a Pie chart. Pacman is not a Pie Chart.
And that is my list of basic pie. Theres so many more, I urge you to go investigate.
On that note I leave you with this
*Cream pie TO THE FACE!*

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