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Something that I really love about cupcakes is their versatility when it comes to celebrating! You can enjoy a cupcake any day of the week but they can be something really special when they need to be.

To illustrate this point, take a look below at the beautiful St David’s Day cupcakes that were delivered to me by Dotty Cupcakes. They created quite a stir when they were delivered to the office and I found that I wasn’t the only one taking photos of them before we gobbled them up. My colleagues were very impressed.

Along with the topical St David’s Day cakes, I was delivered a box of fabulous chocolate cakes in various designs. These weren’t for any occasion in particular but still beautifully decorated and creatively designed and showcased what Dotty Cupcakes can do. I have said in previous reviews that cupcakes in my experience tend either to focus mostly on flavour and sport simple designs but varied and creative flavours or they are all about the look and are like little works of art. These were of the art variety. They were an absolute pleasure to look at. I would say almost too good to eat but that certainly didn’t stop me!

My favourite cakes were the chocolate ones with sweets on top. I like the extra texture of having a Malteser or fudge on top, they also looked very appealing. The chocolate cakes had a good ratio of cake to icing and both had a strong chocolate flavour which I like. The icing was quite heavy though so I couldn’t have eaten too many of these (although I did try).

The beautiful St David’s Day cakes were vanilla flavour. The sponge was soft and spongy and the icing was sweet and sticky as it should be but the sugar icing on top to create the designs as well as the butter icing meant there was a little too much icing for me. I guess this is the price you pay when your cakes look this good.

Overall these cakes were very nice but the enthasis was more on the design than flavour. These would be perfect if you were looking for designs to suit an event. At £1.65 or 6 for £10 for a standard design, these are a good price too. They were some of the prettiest and most creative cakes I’ve ever reviewed. You can see from the gallery on Dotty Cupcakes website that they have created no end of clever designs. Clearly the Dotty Cupcakes ladies are very talented and a lot of effort went into the decoration. However, the cupcakes were standard vanilla and chocolate sponge and it would have been great if Dotty Cupcakes had experimented more with the flavours to make the cakes taste as good as they looked.

My last mouthful was: Chocolate cupcake with sweets on top



Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

Value for money-

Overall rating– 


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  1. CDS March 19, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Hi Nikki, Love your blog, would it be ok If I added it to the blogroll list on my blog so others can see it too?

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