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Teisen Deg- Cakes like they used to make!

I have been getting a lot of requests from cake companies lately to review their wares and this can only be a good thing! I love cake and recently, with the current cup cake craze, I have developed a real liking for these little works of art. When I got a call from Jayne, the very nice lady behind Teisen Deg, I was very happy to review her products but these aren’t just any cakes…

I arrived at the home of Teisen Deg and was greeted by Jayne and her daughter. It was very nice to spend some time with them both hearing about the cakes and what they offer. It was my lucky day because Jayne not only presented me with a box of 6 cupcakes  but also a whole giant carrot cake and a bara brith! As much as I wanted to eat these all by myself, I thought it would only be right of me to enlist some help so I called some friends who were happy to oblige.

What immediately struck me was how different these cakes looked to others that I have reviewed lately. I really like the new cupcake fashion and the quirkiness of cakes these days. I love the intricate designs and the bright colours. However, Teisen Deg’s cakes have a different stance. They are more from the time when cakes were cakes and were all about creating different flavours rather than funky designs. I found this quite refreshing.

The cakes were simply presented in boxes with labels indicating the type of cake and the ingredients which I found very useful. This was especially useful as Teisen Deg’s cakes are more than just sponge so it was very interesting to see what was in them.

Carrot Cake

We started with this monster of a cake first. Carrot cake is a favourite of mine so I was eager to try it. It cake was moist and spongy and full of flavour. The cream cheese icing was sweet and cheesy and not too sticky. It wasn’t at all cloying like some cheesy icing can be and it was very nice with the crunchiness of the walnuts. I really enjoyed this cake and 3 days on and it is still as fresh as the day I brought it home. The only issue I have with this cake is that rather than carrot, the overriding flavour is banana. Looking at the handy ingredients label, I can see that there is banana in it. This really isn’t a criticism because the cake is lovely but I think I would change the name to banana and carrot cake.

Breakfast Muffin

Now I really should have done as the cake said and had this for breakfast but it looked so yummy I got over excited and had it as an evening snack instead! It would have been perfect for a weekend breakfast as it wasn’t too sweet but it still had the fruitiness of the apricots and orange juice and a gorgeous topping of cereal and apricot jam. This was quite different to anything I have tried and is a really good idea.

Dairy Free Coconut  and Raspberry Muffins

I have tried lots of gluten-free cakes but I don’t think I’ve ever had a diary free one. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this to be that good, I thought it might be a bit dry. How wrong was I! This one was so moist and light! The raspberries were fresh and gave the cake a wonderful sharp flavour which was counter balanced by the sweetness of the coconut and the raspberries really helped to moisten the sponge. These muffins were made with coconut milk so I needn’t have worried about them being dry. The coconut milk made them creamy and somehow still very light and airy.

Simnel Muffins

I wouldn’t generally pick a fruit cake if I had to choose but I really enjoyed this one. The sponge was fruity and dense and was dried fruit, spices, and marzipan. It was very nicely presented too with icing and some mini chocolate eggs. I suggest you get your order in for Easter!

I really enjoyed these cakes. Prices are average for Cardiff at £12 for a big cake and the smaller cakes depending on the size of the order and there is even a discount for students. If you’re looking for beautifully decorated, bespoke cakes and cupcakes, there is plenty of choice available. However, if you’re looking for cakes that come in a variety of flavours and focus on flavour rather than intricate decorating, these are for you. I think these will appeal to a variety of people and will continue to do so long after the cupcake craze has died down.

Breakfast Muffins, Dairy Free Raspberry and Coconut Muffins and Simnel Muffins

My Last Mouthful was: The Dairy Free Coconut and Raspberry Muffin.



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