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Love, Peace and Cupcake- Unique and Tasty!

It seems at the moment that every week I hear about a new cupcake company in the area. Cupcakes are extremely popular but with so many businesses setting up and established in Cardiff, new entries and old favourites really need to set themselves apart. Last week was the turn of Love, Peace  and Cupcake.

When Debra from Love, Peace and Cupcake emailed me to say that she was going to send me some of her Easter cupcake creations I had a look at her Facebook page and got very excited when I saw that she was baking cakes with creme eggs inside! I wondered how this would work and thought they would melt but when Debra delivered the cakes, she explained that she had frozen them before adding them to the cake case and so when the cake cooked they stayed perfectly intact.

I was intrigued to try the creme egg cupcake as I thought it was a very clever idea and I was interested to see how solid the creme egg had remained. I cut into it and it was exactly right. It wasn’t too hard but it definitely hadn’t melted either. The chocolate cake surrounding the egg was moist and flavoursome and the icing was sweet and filling. It was a real sugar overload!

I loved the creme egg cake but my favourite was Debra’s ingenious parma violet cake. Parma violets have always been a favourite of mine but I have never had a parma violet cake and I did wonder how much like the sweets it would taste. I needn’t have worried. It was spot on! I am very impressed with how much like the sweets it was.

This was another sugar explosion with a subtly flavoured parma violet cake and icing but what made it a winner was a cake pop on top. The cake pop was very well made and was dense and moist and it contained a huge burst of parma violet flavour as well as being covered in little pieces of the sweets. It transported me back to childhood trips to the sweet shop.

Debra is obviously very creative and I love trying new things so I was very impressed with her original ideas. Along with the cakes, Debra delivered me a very novel Easter gift, a cake in a jar. Layers of cake, icing and mini eggs looked beautiful in a jar which came complete with spoon.

Price wise, Love, Peace and Cupcake’s prices are comparable. A muffin sized buttercream cake is £1.50 or 6 for £10. More elaborate cakes cost more. The creme egg cakes are £2 and the parma violet cakes are £2.50 due to the cake pop. The cake in a jar is £6 or 2 for £10 which I tnihk is very reasonable as it’s a good quality jar that can be re-used and you even get a spoon!

All in all, these cakes were great and it’s nice to see such imaginative, original ideas. Debra has lots more ideas and I’ll be interested to see what she comes up with next.

My last mouthful was: The Parma Violet Cupcake



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