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Kemi’s Cafe- That is some salad!

Just before Easter, Mrs J and I went along to Kemi’s Cafe in Cardiff Bay for a spot of lunch. When I think of The Bay for food, I picture drinks and dinner. For lunch it isn’t really on my radar but Kemi’s cafe altered that opinion somewhat.

It was a nice day and when we approached there were tables and chairs outside. It looked like a nice place to sit if you could ignore the traffic as it meant you had a view through the fountains onto the spectacular Millenium Centre. As it was a bit blowy we decided to take a seat inside.

The first thing you see when you walk through the door is a very welcoming counter packed full of lunch time treats! From fully loaded quiche to tapas to delicious looking cakes, we couldn’t help but get excited. There was lots to choose from but I had been recommended the salad feast so I went for that while Mrs J went for Glamorgan sausages with a side salad.

We were given a spoon with a number on it, directed to the cold drinks cabinet and then made our way upstairs to find a seat. It was very nice upstairs with simple, casual decor. With leaflet displays and orange stackable chairs, it had a community centre feel. Tables had quirky Easter themed spoon holders which looked handmade and there was even a stack of toys for little ones. The decor may have been simple but when you look out of the huge glass windows, it all becomes irrelevant anyway. The view of the fountains and Millenium Centre makes it an excellent location.

As we eyed up the plates of the diners next to us, our food was brought to us quickly despite the fact that it was very busy for a Monday afternoon, almost full in fact. The food certainly looked the part and we eagerly dug in.

Mrs. J enjoyed her Glamorgan sausages. They were warm and soft and full of flavour. She was particularly impressed with her side salad as it wasn’t your usual collection of leaves. It was a salad of mange tout, red peppers, tomato and lettuce. For £4, this seemed a little pricey at first but when you think how much you pay for a take away sandwich, it was actually pretty good value.

My Salad Feast was excellent value! I had the small option for £4.50 and it was huge! It was no ordinary salad either. It was a combination of lots of things but they all went together nicely. It was very varied and included cous cous, rice salad, sweet potato wedges, potato salad, bean salad and even a fig salad among other things. I really enjoyed it. There was no mayonnaise in any of the components either so it was very healthy too.

As lunch spots go, I was very impressed with Kemi’s. If I am in the Bay for lunch again, I will definitely head back. It is in the same building as Crafts in the Bay so when you’ve finished eating you can have a wander around the gallery too.

My Last Mouthful was: The Salad Feast


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One response to “Kemi’s Cafe- That is some salad!

  1. Hannah @ Love to Dine April 23, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    That salad feast looks amazing – and as you say, it’s really important for all the components to go together nicely when you have something like this. I had no idea where this was until you mentioned Crafts in the Bay, but now I may well visit!

    Hannah @ Love to Dine

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