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Mr.G’s Soul Kitchen – Singing with spice

Review by Mr. V

Last week, Mrs V and I were asked to review Mr.G’s Soul Kitchen. I was looking forward to this as I was eager to try something a bit different and we have heard some very mixed reviews. Situated in the bay area, it’s away from all the hubbub and down a quiet street. Looking appealing from the outside, we went in and waited for the waiter to greet us. It took a while but finally we were greeted by the waiter and we chose our seats. The restaurant was quiet, only a couple of tables taken but the atmosphere was nice although the music a little on the loud side.

The décor was very pleasant with plenty of artwork from a local artist around on the walls including a very interesting collage of all the different buildings in the bay. The bar area was a little sparse, with an empty wine rack – looked a little like they’d not quite finished the decorating which may be the case as it’s quite new.

We ordered our drinks and perused the menu. There was a good choice, but eventually I settled on the lamb ribs (£3.95) for starter and Mrs V went for the spicy fish cakes.

Ribs are quite a favourite of mine and these lamb ribs were lovely. Served in a dark, sticky sauce they were tender and delicious. Not a lot of meat on them but then I do get greedy when eating ribs. The sauce had a good level of spiciness and a good depth of flavour. I could have eaten them all night long, washed down with a few cold beers.

Mrs V’s fish cakes (£3.50) were good – a good size and nice crispy fried outer. It wasn’t your usual fish cake as it had a dark filling but very nice all the same. Unfortunately it was served with a generic sweet chiili sauce which didn’t seem a good match.

For the mains I went for the Ackee and Saltfish served with rice and peas (£9.95). This was really good. It was served in a bowl which I spooned out onto the rice. There was plenty of punchy taste, spice and texture. It tasted great and the level of spiciness, for me, was perfect. Very generous portions too.

Mrs V went for the Jerk Chicken (£7.50). A good sized portion of chicken smothered in a dark, sticky jerk sauce – much the same as the lamb ribs I had for starter, and served with rice and peas. Sadly there was no coleslaw with it as stated on the menu which would have lightened the meal up a bit. The sauce again was very tasty with a good level of spice.

Onto desserts. I feel that quite a few restaurants aren’t too fussed about desserts and just add a few standards on for the diners who like to finish with something sweet. Here I don’t think was much of an exception as they were not overly inspiring. However the waiter did ‘big up’ the homemade mango cheesecake for us so we both obliged and both had the cheesecake. It was nice, although the mango slices may possibly had been from Mr Del Monte rather than Mr G’s fruit tree and it was rather overpowered by chocolate– but enjoyable all the same.

Overall the starters and mains were great, the service started a little slow but did get better as the evening went on. The prices make it very good value, especially taking the portion sizes into consideration. However, the best thing is that when they say it’s spicy, it IS spicy! Definately a good alternative to the main drag over the road.

My last mouthful was: The lamb ribs

Service- /

Atmosphere and Decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

Value for money-

Overall rating- 

Review Written by Mr.V


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