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There are going to be some changes around here…

I would like to start by thanking everyone who reads my blog, everyone who has subscribed and all of my followers on Twitter and Facebook.  I am very grateful for the support and input with the blog.

As you will know, I also have a website- which the blog feeds into. The website and the blog are similar and currently both feature reviews of local food businesses in Cardiff as well as news from events that we have been to.

The website is doing very well but there is a lot of ‘doubling up’ so I have decided to make some changes…

The Website

Nothing will change with the website. If you are looking for reviews on food businesses in Cardiff and a list of the best, the website is where you need to be! The website is run by myself and my husband (Mr V) and we have a small team of reviewers. We have a ‘Green Spoon Directory’ where we list all of the businesses that have been reviewed and received a green spoon. We also have articles on the latest foodie events that we have attended, foodie news and anything local to Cardiff along with a monthly competition and exclusive deals.

You can subscribe to the website to get regular updates similar to those you receive from the blog via the home page or by emailing ‘subscribe’ to

The Blog

Historically this blog has been specific to Cardiff and largely made up of reviews. I have a passion for all things food related and I feel that just writing about Cardiff is restrictive so going forward the blog will cast the net a lot wider and will include reviews from anywhere I visit as well as recipes, informative pieces and general food related ramblings.

I hope that you will continue to subscribe to the blog and to the website as well.

Nikki. x

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