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Tea- My New Addiction

Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved tea, I haven’t just discovered it or anything. The thing is, while I love experimenting with food, trying new ingredients and different flavour combinations, my tea habit has always been satisfied by your average tea bag jobby. While there is nothing better than a cuppa after a hard day or first thing in the morning, I’ve started to get a bit bored and have started to see what else is out there.

After a bit of experimentation with various herbal and floral teas, a recent trip to Morocco really set things running. With a heat wave of 54 degrees (yes seriously!) we spent a lot of time ducking into cafes and eateries to avoid the heat so I took the opportunity to sample as many teas as I could.

I never thought of Morocco as a place for tea but it’s actually one of the biggest tea importers in the world. I sampled lots of varieties whilst on my travels but my favourite and I suppose the most obvious one was definitely the Moroccan Mint Tea which is made with green tea with mint leaves.

I became totally infatuated with it! Even on a hot day nothing could stop me having my mint tea. Made with fresh mint leaves, it was just so fresh and delicious. Usually beautifully served in a silver teapot and poured from a great height to produce a froth, it can be sweetened with sugar or just served as it is. More often than not it came with a delicious patisserie. Perfect!

Since coming home, I’m afraid to say my attempt at Moroccan Mint Tea has fallen short, a little more experimentation is needed. Maybe it’s because I’m drinking it in 15 degrees instead of the blazing sunshine, or maybe it’s because I don’t have the magical teapot. Either way, this has set me off on my quest to find out more about tea and to swap my boring old teabag for something more interesting.


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