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CUPCAKE WEEK: SATURDAY- Cupcakes Are The Height Of Fashion!

Today’s National Cupcake Week post is a guest post from Debra of Love, Peace and Cupcake. Deb was selected to provide cupcakes for fashion week. Her cakes are delicious and you can read my previous review here.

Over to Debs…

A successful and exciting London Fashion Week came to an end on Tuesday and Welsh designer Jayne Pierson helped the conclusion by launching her new Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Brave.

 In the planning stages of the launch Love Peace and Cupcake were approached by Jayne herself to provide bespoke cupcakes for the VIP goodie bags on the day. We thought it was fabulous to be asked to bake for such a momentous event and were keen to create unique individual cupcakes that would reflect the collection!

 Jayne and her team provided verbal and visual clues to the collections projected look by sending snapshots of their research. They described the types of fabric and blends that were being considered. This was hugely exciting as we got a sneaky peek at the innermost secrets behind the new launch!

 We took several aspects of the designs and planned a creation of black, white and royal blue. A bespoke cupcake with texture and visual sharpness fit for a style showcase.

 Armed with our trusty Nikon D5000 we got started and recorded our journey from batter to bright lights!

Exclusive invitation to the show

The batter.
In the beginning 🙂

On the train

Arrival at Paddington

A cupcake nap

Quick tour of the sights

The wonderful Somerset House on the busy Strand

Modelling Jayne Piersons new collection

The goodie bag contents…oooo look there we are!

They disappeared faster than a blink!

Thanks to Debs and congratulations!


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