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Are You A Comfort Drinker?

Everyone’s heard of comfort eating. Who doesn’t reach for a bar of chocolate or a calorific cake when we’re feeling a bit low on a dark, miserable winters evening? When I’ve had a really bad day, it is a great comfort to climb under my blanket on the sofa, put on a DVD box set and indulge in my favoruite chocolate bar or ditch dinner for desert.

However, on the rare occasion that I lose my appetite and things are that bit worse, I’m a comfort drinker. Don’t worry, there’s no need to call AA anonymous, as much as I love a G&T, I’m not talking alcohol. I’m talking rich, deep, satisfying creamy drinks that have all the comforting qualities of a piece of cake but in a liquid form.

A recent discussion with followers on Twitter revealed that I am not alone here. When I just can’t face food, sweet creamy drinks win out. Hot chocolate proved to be the Twitter favourite and I have to agree, I am partial to a mug of the chocolate stuff, just so long as it is more milk than water. Add cream and marshmallows and I can guarentee a smile.

Tea is always a winner with me. I’ll agree tea keeps me going on a bad day but if it’s that bit worse, my tea fix just isn’t comfort enough.  I like mine with a splash of milk so it doesn’t give me the snuggly feeling that a creamy drink does. For me, when I am at my lowest, I have to take my tea up a notch.

My ultimate comfort drink is Chai. It has everything. The flavour of tea, the creamy milky texture, the sweetness of the sugar and the soothing, warm spices. Perfect! Even the sweet smell as it is boiling on the hob seeps into your skin and provides instant comfort. For me, Chai also has the added bonus of bringing back happy memories of great times in India.

I’m getting all warm and snuggly just thinking about it!

Photo by Motograf


This post was originally written for Honest Cooking. You can read more of my Honest Cooking articles here.


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