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Afternoon Tea Halloween Style At The Hilton

This week in honour of that certain spooky time of year I was invited to have Afternoon Tea at the Hilton with a spooky twist.

I have had Christmas Afternoon Tea at the Hilton and they definitely go all out in terms of decoration with their themed teas and this was no exception.

We had sandwiches cut in the shape of bats and pumpkins in the traditional flavours; cucumber, egg, ham and salmon along with a good selection of sweets.

Instead of the usual scones and jam, we had spooky cupcakes, marzipan pumpkins, bat biscuits, mini toffee apples, sticky tarts and orange fondant fancies, topped off with a choice of Twinnings loose leaf tea. I chose jasmine pearls which came in a lovely Japanese teapot and my friend Mrs J had a traditional breakfast tea.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and you’re looking for something fun to do after a day shopping, this will be for you. It is available until 4th November.


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