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Ancre Hill Estates Welsh Wine – Bringing Welsh Wine To The Market

Guest Review by Mr. V

Recently, Fine Wines Direct on Penarth road asked us to review some Welsh wine.

Slowly but surely wines from this part of the world – i.e. from the Biritsh Isles are making a mark in the world of quality wines and some even say that some of our sparkling white is better than Champagne. You may be surprised to hear that – especially given the recent wonderful weather we’ve been doomed with (perhaps 2012 won’t be a vintage…) but there are already quite a few vineyards and wine producers in Wales.

Ancre Hill Estates Pinot Noir

The wine on review is from Ancre Hill Estates where the grapes are grown in Wales and turned into wine here too. First up is  the Pint Noir.  Being a lover of deep dark merlots and shirazes, I thought a light wine like a Pinot Noir wasn’t going to do it for me. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. It is a light, soft wine with hints of vanilla and licqurice and has a good roundness. I think it would be an excellent accompaniment to a light but spicey pasta dish.

The wine is priced at £18.99 from Fine Wines Direct .

Ancre Hill Estate White Wine

The second wine is the Ancre Estates White wine (£12.79 from Fine Wines Direct). I do like to know which variety of grape is in the wine and so when it’s labelled ‘white wine’, it does make me curious. On this occassion though, sadly I wasn’t pleasantly surprised. I thought the wine lacked crispness and freshness that is usually present in a good chilled white wine. It did have notes of citrus and a slight gooseberry kick but failed to hit the mark with me. However, I would like to stress that I find wine tasting a personal thing. Everybody have slightly differently configuered taste buds and so you should only take my opinions with a pinch of salt.

As wines go from small yielding wine producers growing their grapes in a rain soaked country I was impressed – especially with the pinot noir and I would love to see Welsh wines appear more and more on restaurant wine menus and in our local highstreet shops. I have also heard excellent reviews of the Ancre Hill sparkling rose but sadly weren’t asked to review that one on this occasion.

If you’d like to try any of these and other Welsh wines, you can find them at Fine Wines Direct on Penarth Road.


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