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Christmas Afternoon Tea At Emma Jane’s

Readers of my blog will know that I love Emma Jane’s Cupcake Kitchen. Aside from the fabulous cupcakes, the decor is quirky and cute, it’s a cosy spot to meet friends and the lovely Emma Jane herself makes you feel welcome and valued.

afternoon tea2

If you love cupcakes, this is the obvious place to come for orders and to enjoy some cake in a gorgeous setting. However, it probably isn’t the first place you would think to come for Afternoon Tea. There are plenty of places in Cardiff offering Afternoon Tea and they all have their specialisms. Some are known for their tea, some for their bubbly and some have an envirnoment that screams out to be serving afternoon tea. Well, Emma Jane has the cake!

I’ve been to some perfectly nice Afternoon Teas where everything has been lovely but the cakes aren’t always homemade and for me this is pretty much essential. With Emma Jane’s Christmas Afternoon Tea, we got two cupcakes, delcious mince pies and gingerbread, all homemade.

When we arrived everything was prepared for us and we were asked to choose our cupcakes and our choice of tea. We chose a spicy Chrsitmas tea, a Gingerbread Cupcake and a Cranberry and Orange Cupcake. These were brought to us on a pretty three tier cake stand (also essential in my opinion).

The sandwich selection was excellent. No boring choices here. We enjoyed cranberry and brie, turkey and stuffing, ham and pickle, and cucumber. The sandwiches had their crusts removed in the traditional manner but they were packed full of filling.

We polished off the sandwiches in no time and moved onto the middle tier; mince pies and cream and gingerbread. The mince pies were warm and delicious. We had a huge pot of cream and we managed to eat it all, finishing it off by dipping our gingerbread in it which were also very good.

Lastly, it was the turn of the top tier; the cupcakes and chocolates. We were told that if we couldn’t eat everything we could take it away in a box but we powered on. The cakes were very good as I would expect based on Emma’s other cakes. I especially enjoyed the gingerbread cake.

afternoon tea

A lot of effort went into this Afternoon Tea. Everything was homemade and it was all served at the bargain prize of £8.50. If you love cake and you love afternoon tea, Emma Jane’s Cupcake Kitchen is your answer. If you’re not interested in Afternoon Tea then definitely pop in for a cake.


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