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Nutribox- Healthy Snacks Through My Letter Box

You may have noticed from previous posts that I do like a subscription food service. I love the excitement of opening a box of edible goodies and not knowing what is going to be inside. Nutribox is the latest one I have been sent to sample.

As subscription boxes go, Nutribox is very reasonably priced. You can choose between the Nutribox for £21 per month (if you sign up for 6 months or more) or the Nutribox Mini at £10.95 per month. I sampled the Nutribox Mini and I have to say I thought it was the larger option until I checked because there was certainly nothing mini about it.

When I tipped the contents of the box out on the table it all looked very appealing and colourful. Nutribox market themselves as providing healthy snacks and each box contains a mix of fruit and nut mixes, snack bars, savoury snacks and treats.


However, I did find the contents a bit of a mixed bag (or box!) and some of it wasn’t to my taste. Below is a run down of what I received.

Miss Wallflower Candy- Energise

This was a Goji, Flax and Maca Superfood Raw Fruit cookie. I can honestly say I’ve never had anything like it. I wouldn’t describe it as a cookie, other than due to it’s shape but it was nice all the same. There were some very unusual, interesting flavours with a strong undercurrent of coconut. The texture was soft with some crunchy texture. Although I enjoyed the flavours and it was meant to be raw, I couldn’t help but feel I was eating cookie mix that was waiting to be cooked.

Nutribox 3

Ombar- Goji Berry Chocolate bar

I had high hopes for this because I love goji berries and I thought it sounded like a very good accompaniment to chocolate and something I hadn’t tried before. The goji berry and chocolate mix was good but I didn’t like the chocolate. To keep with the healthy theme, the bar was made with 60% raw chocolate and sweetened with coconut sugar instead of cane sugar. This resulted in a dry and crumbly texture that wasn’t for me I’m afraid.

Ombar- Dark

This was obviously similar to the bar above although I did prefer this one. It may have been the 72% chocolate that I liked.

Pulsin’ Energy Bomb

I liked the packaging of this product. It was bold and exciting, but unfortunately the taste of the product didn’t match the wrapping. It fit with the concept of what Nutribox are delivering as it was vegetarian, gluten free, had no added sugar, no transfats and no gmo. Unfortunately, for me this didn’t translate into a very tasty product. In fact it was dry and sapped the moisture from my mouth. It had very little flavour at first but left a musty aftertaste and it smelt like something you might buy in a pet shop. I felt like it was something I should be feeding to my hamster rather than eating myself. I don’t like to be negative but I couldn’t even finish it.

Bounce Natural Energy Ball

Ok, time to be a bit more positive. I liked this product. I was sent the Cashew and Pecan variety which for me is an excellent flavour combination. It was nicely packaged, looked appealing and was packed full of nuts. It tasted healthy but still like a sweet treat. It was sticky and had a chewy texture but was juicy rather than unnecessarily sweetened.

Braw Apple and Pear Bar

This product was gluten free and dairy free. It was very fruity without being too sweet and had a nice chewy texture. It’s the kind of thing you could give a child as a treat without it actually being too bad for them.

Fruit and nut mixesHot Cross Bun, No Choc Fruit and Nut and Tropical Mix

I enjoyed all of these mixes. For me this is what a healthy snack is all about. Clean, simple and nothing added. Just dry fruit and nuts in interesting combinations.

Nutribox 2

All in all I think Nutribox have a good concept. There are other companies out there doing a similar thing but they do have some fairly unique products that I haven’t come across before. Unfortunately, not all of the products were for me. I have an issue with taking ‘treats’ and turning them into healthy options. I believe a treat should be just that, something you have once in a while in moderation. I don’t think they need to be made healthy. There are so many delicious healthy snacks out there, why not work with what we already have?

This is my opinion though and I’m sure many of you will love the products. The price is right, the packaging is good and fits through your letter box despite being a very good size. Nutribox’s website is effective too, very easy to navigate and clearly laid out.

My Last Mouthful was: Bounce Natural Energy Ball

Service- small spoon-green40

Presentation- small spoon-green40

Quality of products- small spoon-orange40

Diversity of product- small spoon-green40

Value for money- small spoon-green40

Overall rating- spoon-green80/ spoon-orange80

If you’d like to try a Nutribox, I have kindly been given a code for 10 of my readers to receive 50% off  their first box.


All you need to do is enter the code when ordering your boxes on

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