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To The Door- December 2013 and January 2014

Welcome to another ‘To The Door’ post. This one covers December and January as I wasn’t blogging in December. Thanks to everyone for sending me your products.

Flapjack Fairy

Cardiff based Flapjack Fairy sent me some lovely Christmas themed flapjacks. I had Christmas Spice, Christmas Fruity and Triple Chocolate. You can read the full review HERE.


I have been sent Darjeeling tea temples and Earl Grey Strong tea temples. I love my loose leaf tea but for a quickly I use a bag and Tea Pigs are a cross between the two.  The biodegradable temples contain whole leaf tea so it is only a step away from loose leaf. Both of these flavours are good, especially the Darjeeling.

Simply Cook

The latest in subscription food boxes, Simply Cook is a meal kit complete with recipe cards and ‘hard to find’ ingredients. I will be reviewing this later in the month so keep an eye out.

Simply cook

Bannister’s Farm Foods Jacket Potatoes

I received a few different types of potato from Bannisters:

Ready Baked Jacket Potatoes Ready in the microwave in about 4 minutes, these ready baked jackets come drizzled with olive oil and are even cut ready to eat. While they tasted ok, I felt that they lacked the crispy skin that you can only get when you oven bake them. It saved time but I prefer the real thing.

Fully Loaded Jacket Potatoes- These jackets filled with 5 different fillings are for lunch on the go or ‘cheats’ dinner. I tried the Chicken Tikka and Mature Cheddar Cheese flavours. They are marketed as ‘good wholesome food when you need it fast’ but they take 14 minutes in the microwave. It would be quicker to make a sandwich. If you like convenience food you could do a lot worse but these weren’t for me.

Jungle Dogs

Jungle Dogs by Pek are pork hot dogs for kids. They are supposed to be guilt free for mums because they are made with quality cuts of pork, naturally smoked and contain no artificial colours or flavours and no MRM.

That may be but they are still processed and have that ‘fake’ quality. My daughter is too young to eat solids but personally, I won’t be feeding her this type of thing if I can help it. Non processed food is better for her and significantly tastier. However, if this kind of thing is your bag, you could do a lot worse.

Sainsbury’s Roast Recipe Collection

I’m working with Sainsbury’s to create a recipe for leftovers from my Sunday Roast. First I need to cook a roast so I have been sent a book of recipes to try.


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