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Breast is Best! But in a Creme Caramel?!

If you’ve ever breast-fed your baby you may or may not have been surprised by the amount of people asking ‘have you tried it?’ ‘what does it taste like’ , even on one occasion ‘can I try some?!’. Although most people would probably shy away if they were offered a taste, it did get me thinking, is there a market for breast milk products?

The answer bizarrely is yes! Scarily it turns out it’s more popular than I was anticipating and there’s even a breast milk cook book, internet forums and a Facebook page sharing breast milk recipes. Very odd indeed!

In early 2011, Icecreamists invented the ‘Baby Gaga’. An ice cream made from breast milk, vanilla and lemon zest. The Covent Garden based ice cream parlour paid women to donate expressed breast milk which was served in ice cream form by a waitress dressed as a ‘baby gaga’. Although proving very popular (especially amongst women) much controversy ensued including a legal battle with Lady Gaga over the name.

Before the Icecreamists, New York chef Daniel Angerer caused a commotion by creating breast milk cheese using his wife’s milk. If you would like the recipe, he has posted it on his blog!

A few searches on google has bought up many blogs with recipes for breast milk products from cupcakes, to milkshakes to pies.

So in the interest of creativity, I have taken inspiration for my own breast milk dessert. I haven’t actually made this I have to stress and I find the idea quite bizarre. I’m not sure I would like to share my breast milk with dinner guests but if you’re going to make anything with breast milk, surely a sweet crème caramel without all the sugar is as good an option as any?

Take any crème caramel recipe e.g. this one from BBC Good Food and substitute the milk for breast milk. You can leave out the sugar because breast milk is sweet. Healthier too! Enjoy!

Personally, I will only be sharing my breast milk with my baby….

3 responses to “Breast is Best! But in a Creme Caramel?!

  1. goodfoodguyd February 24, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    As long as you could get your head around the fact it was breast milk then I wouldn’t see a problem. Quite fancy the idea of a nice baked rice pudding made with breast milk.

  2. Patent Attorney February 26, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    I’m not sure I like the idea that much! Would breast milk have any further health benefits for adults?

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