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Hangfire Smokehouse- Good Food Doesn’t Have To Be Posh

Why have I waited so long to try Hangfire Smokehouse!

I’ve read the reviews, I’ve watched them trending on Twitter, I even used to live nearby when they were at The Canadian for goodness sake. Somehow though, every time we tried to go, something happened. Broken bones, baby making an early appearance, it was like we were cursed.

Finally, last week, we made it! We pulled up to the Lansdowne Pub at 7.30pm and the place was heaving! We didn’t think we’d get a seat but we were directed by a friendly cowboy to a perfect little table for two in the window.

I knew from that second that I was going to love it. Music was playing, people were chatting loudly, the Hangfire girls were making friends with everyone they passed and everyone was licking their fingers.

Now I love my fine dining but sometimes you can’t beat getting your hands in and getting covered in sauce. Good food doesn’t have to be posh and Hangfire Smokehouse certainly prove that. With their latest home currently at the Lansdowne Pub in Canton on a Thursday and Friday night, Hangfire Smokehouse have made a name for themselves with their authentic American BBQ pop up. After a 6 month stint in America, they have certainly picked up some BBQ knowledge and are producing some really exciting dishes.

After much debating (because we wanted everything) we opted for St Louis pork spares and 12 hour smoked beef brisket. Each meat came with 2 sides so we ordered all 4 between us; BBQ beans, maque choux fries, slaw and etouffee.

Despite the crowds the food arrived in 20 minutes delivered on a tray with the sides in cardboard pots. We both dug into the ribs and immediately wish we’d ordered extra. They were some of the best ribs I’ve ever had. So tender, the meat fell away from the bone and the flavouring was delicious. The accompanying sauces were good too but I prefer to taste the meat so I saved them for the chips.

Pork ribs

The Brisket was good too. We’d actually had brisket at home the night before and there was no comparison. It was just so tender served on Texas Toast which was greasy and garlicky.


We couldn’t leave without a slice of Pecan pie made by the talented Eira of Inner City Pickle. It was fantastic and at just £3.50, seriously good value.

Pecan pie

Hangfire Smokehouse was a hit with me as I fully expected it to be. I will most definitely be back. The Lansdowne is a great venue too, we were really impressed. Everyone was clearly loving what they were doing. It’s great to see people so excited and passionate about their food. There was a real buzz. I love a good casual dining experience with great food and that is exactly what Hangfire Smokehouse are doing. Fantastic!

3 responses to “Hangfire Smokehouse- Good Food Doesn’t Have To Be Posh

  1. Jaye- Cardiff in a Tea Cup March 20, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    I have wanted to go for ages but something always comes up too! I can’t wait after reading this. I love Inner City Pickle’s puddings too so sounds lovely!

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  3. Food,Photography & France April 12, 2014 at 6:40 am

    Sounds fantastic…very moody pics:)

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