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To The Door- March 2014

As usual I’d like to thank everyone who has sent me products this month. I can’t review everything but I always do a round-up of what I have received. So here goes…

Aldi Diplomat Teabags

Own brand tea might be a no-no to some people but when it comes to tea bags, I think many of the super market brands are just as good as the leading brands, including these Aldi tea bags.

Aldi Diplomat tea

Steenbergs Loose Leaf Tea

More tea, this time from Steenbergs. I struggled with this one because nowhere in either of these products was any actual ‘tea’. The mint variety was just two types of dried mint so I decided that I would probably be more likely to cook with it.

Steenbergs tea

Funkin Hollywood mixer

Inspired by the Hollywood award session, this is a mixer for use in cocktails. It’s a blend of raspberry, blueberry and acai berry. It’s incredibly sweet but nice mixed into a cocktail. I tried this one:

The Great Beauty Cocktail

50ml Aperol (although I used Campari)

50ml Funkin Hollywood

100ml sparkling wine

Funkin Hollywood

Steenbergs stuffing

I don’t use packet stuffing so this product isn’t something I’d use on a regular basis but if you do, these Steenbergs ones were some of the nicest I’ve tasted, especially the chilli one.


Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

I was quite excited by the prospect of a chocolate shot. Unfortunately, although nice, it is more of a chocolate sauce than a liquid chocolate. At 14 calories a spoonful, I did find myself squeezing it into my mouth on more than one occasion and it’s nice with milk as a hot chocolate but not a cupboard essential as suggested.

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