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The Sweetie Jar- An Introduction

As I’ve got older I’ve started ‘collecting’ things. My collections are of a foodie nature; teacups, vintage plates, Japanese Kit Kats, with my latest fad being sweets. This really stems from my fascination of the Japanese confectionary market. They have so many imaginative products and they appeal to me because of the variety of flavours. It’s not just Kit Kats. Have you seen how many Pocky flavours there are?

It’s not only Japanese sweets either, I’ve tried some very interesting sweets from other parts of Asia, Scandinavia and America to mention a few. If I like something and there are lots of flavours or varieties I’m hooked. I’m lucky enough to have travelled a fair bit in my life and I’ve come across some really interesting finds.

I’m really enjoying seeking out foreign and unusual varieties of sweets and I’ve decided to keep track of my finds here on my blog with a collection of posts.

I’m on the hunt for anything new, unusual, or  sweets I’ve tried previously on my travels for my Sweetie Jar. If you have any recommendations or good sources, please get in touch and help me out.

2 responses to “The Sweetie Jar- An Introduction

  1. jenniferslcc April 6, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    love your foodie collection!

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