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To The Door- April 2014

Thank you to everybody who has sent me products this month. Here is a run down of what we received with our verdict.

Easter box- Sainsbury’s

A great package from Sainsbury’s in time for Easter. Hot cross buns, carrot cake, loose leaf tea, a little bottle of sparkling wine, some Easter eggs and a cook book. I also have another cook book to give away as a prize in a competition next month.

Easter at Sainsbury's

Abrahalls Cider- Thundering Molly

Celtic Marches sent us their latest bottle of Abrahalls latest cider Thundering Molly. Crisp and fruity, it went down very well. We particularly loved the branding. Very quirky.

Thundering Molly- Abrahalls

Coco Cafe

Coco Cafe is a ready to drink blend of coconut water, organic fair trade coffee and semi skimmed milk. We had an original blend and a mocha. Both were delicious. I can’t say that I could taste the coconut but they were light and refreshing. Something I would definitely buy again.

Coco Cafe

Canton Tea– Canton Chocolate blend

I already shop at Canton Tea but I had never tried this particular tea. It was sent to me following a tweet about how I didn’t like the sound of chocolate tea in the hope that I could be converted. I am, it is delicious.

Canton Tea


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