Your Last Mouthful

Cardiff based food blog


Welcome to the new look Your Last Mouthful. This blog has been running since 2011 in various forms playing host to reviews of independent food businesses in and around Cardiff. Over the past year it has grown to include product reviews and recipes and following the birth of our daughter it is set to change again to incorporate a wider variety of posts.

The reviews will remain a prominent feature but I will also be writing topical pieces, taking and setting food challenges and there will be a wider range of recipes and posts relating specifically to children and food. This will be mixed in with regular competitions and look out for my features during food weeks and posts on Japanese Kit Kats.

A bit about me…

My name is Nikki and I am an English girl living in Cardiff, Wales with my husband Ben and our new baby girl. I have always loved food and writing so a food blog seemed like an obvious way to combine the two. I’m well travelled and love to try new things and local specialities from the places I visit. My husband Ben shares my passion for food and travel and also contributes to the blog.

Writing this blog has given us many opportunities. We have been invited to some fantastic places, received freelance writing opportunities and I have judged several baking competitions and the Wales True Taste Awards. We never expected the blog to become so popular but we are very excited by the way it has grown.

We hope you enjoy it. Any feedback and comments are always welcome.

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