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Breast is Best! But in a Creme Caramel?!

If you’ve ever breast-fed your baby you may or may not have been surprised by the amount of people asking ‘have you tried it?’ ‘what does it taste like’ , even on one occasion ‘can I try some?!’. Although most people would probably shy away if they were offered a taste, it did get me thinking, is there a market for breast milk products?

The answer bizarrely is yes! Scarily it turns out it’s more popular than I was anticipating and there’s even a breast milk cook book, internet forums and a Facebook page sharing breast milk recipes. Very odd indeed!

In early 2011, Icecreamists invented the ‘Baby Gaga’. An ice cream made from breast milk, vanilla and lemon zest. The Covent Garden based ice cream parlour paid women to donate expressed breast milk which was served in ice cream form by a waitress dressed as a ‘baby gaga’. Although proving very popular (especially amongst women) much controversy ensued including a legal battle with Lady Gaga over the name.

Before the Icecreamists, New York chef Daniel Angerer caused a commotion by creating breast milk cheese using his wife’s milk. If you would like the recipe, he has posted it on his blog!

A few searches on google has bought up many blogs with recipes for breast milk products from cupcakes, to milkshakes to pies.

So in the interest of creativity, I have taken inspiration for my own breast milk dessert. I haven’t actually made this I have to stress and I find the idea quite bizarre. I’m not sure I would like to share my breast milk with dinner guests but if you’re going to make anything with breast milk, surely a sweet crème caramel without all the sugar is as good an option as any?

Take any crème caramel recipe e.g. this one from BBC Good Food and substitute the milk for breast milk. You can leave out the sugar because breast milk is sweet. Healthier too! Enjoy!

Personally, I will only be sharing my breast milk with my baby….


My Japanese Kit Kat Obsession- Just The Beginning!

Every so often, something comes along that really excites me and I start developing a bit of an obsession. It doesn’t happen a lot but when it does, I’m unstoppable and get really involved with my new passion. I’m the same with food but I don’t think I’ve got so excited about a range of food products for a long time.

It’s not a new discovery, they have been around for a long time but I have only just delved into the world of what is essentially a huge craze amongst similar food geeks.  I’m taking about the crazy selection of  Japanese Kit Kats! From the relatively dull to the completely insane! Would you believe there are such flavours as Soy Sauce (currently the most popular variety in Japan), Green Tea, Sweet Potato, Water Melon and Salt just to name a few.

Unbeknown to me, there is already a crazy underground world of Kit Kat collectors. Food bloggers, food geeks and the simply insane all over the world are after these treasures and have been known to pay upwards of £200 per bar for those more difficult to get hold of.

I have decided to join the madness and make it my mission to try as many Japanese Kit Kat flavours as I can.

If you love a geeky foodie project as much as me, you might be interested in my progress so I will post my finds and thoughts on here. In the meantime, if you are able to offer any help by way of where I can get my hands on some of the more unusual offerings I will be most grateful.

Now, I’ve sacrificed my lunch break to write this and it’s made me hungry so I best go and buy myself a kit kat!


Food Fad- Insect Burgers?

This month’s edition of Eat Out Magazine reported on Food Futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye’s prediction that in the next five years, we will be munching on insect burgers.

Dr Morgaine Gaye believes that with the increase in food prices set to continue, insects are a great source of protein and are likely to become a viable alternative to meat. In fact, the EU are already pumping money into this. Research is taking place to investigate producing a processed protein source that can be used in burgers and sausages.

I’m guessing for us squeamish Westerners, this is not going to go down well which is why research is looking at turning bugs into a processed protein that can be added to things. Sounds disgusting? Well… eating insects isn’t such an alien concept in many countries.

An article on The Guardian Website reveals that we are probably already eating insects in every day food items such as chocolate and sweetcorn. Maybe when it comes to this sort of thing we need to man up. I’ll be the first to admit that when in Cambodia I squealed like a baby when a woman approached me with a tray of deep-fried tarantulas but that was more about my fear of giant spiders than a fear of eating insects.

In fact, in Asia and other parts of the world, eating insects is not so weird. Ok so I wasn’t too thrilled with the spider but in Thailand I sampled locust, I’ve eaten lemon flavoured ants in the Indonesian jungle and who would say no to a chocolate covered cricket?

So, are you looking forward  to tucking into insects in the future? If you’re feeling enthusiastic, you can find some recipes to get you started on the Insects Are Food website.

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