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The Chocolate Brownie company- A huge variety of flavours!

I’m not sure whether Brownies are becoming increasingly popular or whether it is just me seeking them out as I have been eating a lot of brownies lately and I have become quite attached to their chocolately gooiness! Obviously then, I was very pleased to be hand delivered a box from The Chocolate Brownie Company containing a selection of their flavoured Brownies.

The Chocolate Brownie company was founded by Vicky Critcher. Vicky started baking from home in April 2010 after being complimented on her brownies. In July 2010 she entered a national competition and made the final 10 out of over 600 applicants with a prize to win the opportunity to start supplying her brownies  to her local Asda stores. Vicky went on to win this competition and started supplying her Brownies to Asda in February 2011.

So back to our delivery…

Delivered in a big box with the company name we dived in to find 5 yummy brownies packaged nicely in a thin plastic film with the flavour and date stuck onto each one. They were a good size, big enough to sink your teeth into with a nice big bite! I was impressed by the variety. As much as I love an original chocolate brownie, it was nice to try some different flavours too.

Each flavour was very obvious. There was no need to check the label to see what we were eating and the mint and strawberry brownies had a nice aroma when we opened the packets.  The brownies were all chocolate flavour but it was the pieces in each one that gave the different flavours. There was even a gluten free brownie which was very nice.

I can’t decide whether my favourite was mint of caramel. Both were very tasty. The mint chocolate brownie had pieces of crispy mint running through it, the type of mint you would get in a crunchy after dinner mint. Mint flavour things are always a winner with me but I also really enjoyed the caramel one which was along the same lines but with caramel pieces which made it slightly moister than the others.

The strawberry and orange brownies had orange and strawberry sweet chunks running through them. They tasted very much like the filling in an orange and strawberry cream sweet but of a harder consistency. While they were nice, for me, the flavours were quite sweet-like, like the flavours you would get from a strawberry ice-cream or milkshake which meant they weren’t quite to my taste. I personally preferred the ones with lumps of chocolate and caramel rather than sweets.

I would place these brownies somewhere between cakes and confectionary and I think they would fit right in down the sweet aisle in a supermarket as well as on a counter in a coffee shop. The Chocolate Brownie Company have a huge stocklist including Jaspers Tea Rooms, The Vulcan Lounge, Bant a la Cart and many more.

The brownies were all very nice. There are two types of brownie lovers in the world, those who like them gooey and sticky and those who like them to be more cake-like. I personally am of the gooey persuasion. If you are into your cakey brownies, these will be for you.

At £1.98 for a 12 bitesize pack in Asda, I think these are a good price and would be a good addition to any lunch box. They are also launching in Tesco in April so Vicky is certainly doing very well for herself! With so many flavours to choose from, you are bound to find somethign you like.

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