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The Cheesiest Of All The Festivals

Summer time is food festival time! With so many to choose from, some good, some bad, one that I always do my best to visit is the The Great British Cheese Festival at Cardiff Castle. Cheese is my chocolate so to have so much cheese under one roof is heaven to me.

If you can bear the crowds and the scuffles to get to each stall through people fighting for their freebies, there were some lovely cheeses to be had this year. Here are my top five.

1. Strafton Blue Ewes Cheese fromThe Great British Cheese Shop– Strong, creamy and blue- perfect!)

2. Tunworth Cheese– This smelt and tasted like cabbage in the best possible way. I love a stinky cheese)

3. Coolea Matured– A delicious Irish hard cows milk cheddar.

4. Wild Gralic Cornish Yag (Lynher Dairies) Crumbly cheese with a strong taste of garlic

5. Blacksticks Blue– A well known one but still one of my favourites

As well as filling my fridge with cheese, this year I was also able to interview one of the exhibitors. Here is my interview with Tim from Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese.

What is the name of your company?

F.W.Read and Sons Ltd or Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese based in Lincolnshire

Where can we buy your products?

A large number good independent cheese shops and delis as well as Waitrose nationally.

What made you decide to become a cheese producer?

We started producing cheese in 1992 when Simon [Brother] came back from agricultural college and the farm was fully staffed so he had the time to go and research cheese production and set up  a small cheese dairy.

How did you decide on the name for your company?

Our father thought of the name and it is plagiarised from the old Lincolnshire Poacher song dating back several hundred years

What makes your cheese stand out above the rest? 

Firstly we only use our own milk which means we can control the diet of the cows, the health of the cows and the freshness of the milk. When the cows are milked in the morning the milk is immediately pumped into the vat for cheese making while it is still warm!

Are you planning to develop any new cheeses?

Not at the moment.  Our plan for the time being is to concentrate on making the one cheese as well as we possibly can.

What are your top three favourite cheeses?

Perroche (Neals Yard Creamery), Stichelton (Stichelton Dairy)and Tunworth (Hampshire Cheeses)





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